Wanted: Weapons of Fate - Xbox 360 - 970/1000

Once again collecting is not my thing! I am currently messing one concept art to get the last 30 points in this game! I used a walk through my second run in this game and still managed to miss one piece so ANNOYING! Anyway this game is pretty much worth it for the money, who doesn't want to curve bullets into someone's skull? I put this game under easy achievement points because its a very fast paste game and very addicting. I beat this game under killer difficulty in about 3 to 4 hours, not bad huh? The story line seems to go off into some other dimension but still very entertaining unlike Kung Fu Panda which i reviewed earlier in my blog.  Here are the advantages and disadvantages.


1) Slow motion curving bullets if you get a headshot

2) Very fast paste game doesn't take long to complete

3) Cant get lost in this game very straight forward.

4) The difficulties are almost the same to some this is a advantage to theres it might be a disadvantage

5) Multiple characters you can play as!

6) Binary codes to get secret stuff ( some do not lock achievements such as unlocking characters, and other codes also do not lock achievements as long as you disable them before the act is over! )

7) Exploding bullets in later levels

8)  Action scenes! ahhh the best part of this game is the action scenes. You are in slow motion gunning people down and shooting bullets to save your life. 


1) Collectables, This just annoying things that no one cares about. For the achievement though you must collect all of them.

2) Bosses, Rather easy and same strategy for almost all of them. Make it a tiny bit more challenging please?

3)  Exploding rates, There are i believe 5 to 6 rates you have to kill as well to unlock this achievement very easy to do, but some are in cracks in the walls.

4) Only have a choice of 2 weapons and in the beginning of the game you only have a pistol. Later on you acquire a sub machine gun type weapon that you get form your fathers tomb in act 7. 

Over all very fun game in deed. I give the game a B -

If you have any questions about the achievements or need help on anything leave a comment and ill get back to you. Add me on xbox live: DiehardKillzone.

Hopefully i force myself in playing the game soon to get that last collectable to get 1000/1000 but right now I am burnt out after 2 days straight!


Forza 2 - xbox 360 - achievements

Working on 1000 points on forza 2! I must say they are easy achievement points just very time consuming indeed! The hardest achievement i believe is the time trials achievement where you must beat all the times to get the achievement. I have completed most of them except like four of them which are ridiculous! Anyone have any tips on beating the last couple of them? Maybe which cars to use? I attempted the last one which takes almost 10 minutes to race around the track and i was off by a full minute without crashing or drifting much at all. Guess ill put but my feet on the gas and wont stop for anything!

I did run into some glitches that might help some of you out if your trying to get the arcade achievement. Just like the buying locked car glitch.

If you want to use a locked car that is in your arcade races then do the same thing you do to buy an unlocked car. Press right trigger and x at the same time to use the car that is locked you must start on the UNLOCKED car the is to the left of the locked car you want. If you mess around with the sorting you can get the ones that are further locked beyond the first one. I did this for a couple and won the races without a breeze but sometimes it wont matter and just have to crash the other cars that are faster then you. If you need any help just reply back to this post and ill try to explain more into detail!

Also i might add that this trick along with buying locked cars and money glitch can only be obtained if you NEVER updated the game. So you are good if you do not have xbox live for sure.

Add me on xbox live or to play with me. Gamertag: DiehardKillzone


Modern Warfare 2 - Xbox 360 - 980/1000

BLEH! So close to 1000 points only twenty points away! The last achievement is of course the intel collecting which i hate doing! This game in my mind is completed but i will eventually take the time and go back through the levels again to gather the intel that i missed. Anyway on with the review. This game is fantastic! The game has everything from fantastic graphics to an amazing story line. I enjoyed every bit of the campaign mode and would recommend it to anyone that likes first person shooters.

The achievements for the game are fairly easy to obtain. If you start the campaign after playing online for awhile like i did you will breeze right through the game. In the beginning of the story line when i ran the “pit” i had to do it under a certain amount of time to get achievement i cant recall what the time i had to beat but basically you cant mess up shooting pedestrians and dont miss and hostiles! I think the easiest way to get the achievement is to use dual pistols and reload when jumping down off the building. Try to get veteran mode your first time around so all the lower difficulty achievements unlock when you complete the missions.

The hardest achievement to get in this game is star 69 achievement and boy was it a goal. Me and a friend took a couple weeks to get this one that is because we didn’t play often but all together it would of taken probably just a day or two in 3-4 sessions. Only advise i can tell you is to be patient if you just run in gunning your going to die and so is your partner so just go slow.

On the harder missions (on echo) you will be running quite often if your parter is bleeding out make them chase you away form your partner and run back and revive him dont try to be a hero and try to revive while being shot most of the time you will die and have to restart the mission all over.

Another thing i want to add is i love the multi-player on modern ware fare! Its a great experience and sometimes comical with the people on yelling at each other from time to time. If you are offended by strong language I recommend you do not get online but all in all this game gets an A in my book.

Stay tuned for my next update you can request to be my friend. My gamertag is diehardkillzone.


CSI: Hard Evidence - Xbox 360 - 1000/1000

Well this game is just not my type of game but it might be for others. Basically just the like the TV show you have to investigate 5 different crime scenes. each time you finish a crime scene you earn 200 points! Sounds good to you right? WRONG. This game takes some time i finished the first level after an hour or so without any help from walk through or anything and it was tough! There are such little details you need to actually find such as finger prints on a bottle can or some condom wrapper that was under a jacket that was in a closet. If you do not find these things you do not have “substantial” evidence to get warrants to search houses or get a warrant for an arrest. After the first level I will admit i used a walk through but it still was pretty rough I just wanted to finish the game honestly.

It is an easy 1000 points though if you do not care about using a walk through took about 20-30 minutes though per level. I think the last level took around 45 minutes because it was really in depth and i do not thing i could of even completed that level without a walk through there was just to much evidence to find that i would of never looked at without help ha ha.

That is all there is to know about this game only 5 achievements. Have fun!


Kung Fu Panda - Xbox 360 - 1000/1000

Yes I know lame! This is one of the games that game with the my xbox 360 so why not start here? I earned 1000 points on this game in a couple of days playing here and there. This game is not as bad as it seems and as you can see very easy achievement points. If you have seen the movie the story line on the video game is not the same except for some parts. I will break this game down into its advantages and disadvantages.


1) You can use cheat codes and they will not lock you out of earning achievements.  Only thing i will say is that if you use the cheat code for getting all abilities and costumes this will not unlock the achievement. I will go into detail on the easiest way to get these though.

2) Very short game took me about 5 hours to beat the game once i got the hang of it. Each level takes about 10-15 minutes and there are 12 – 13 levels if I remember correctly.

3) most of the achievements are just beating each individual act with 100 % rating. which means in the beginning they tell you what you need to have done before the level is done with if you did everything without messing up you get the achievement for that level.

4) Some games take forever to figure out what to do. This game is very straight forward.


1) The most annoying thing about this game is that you cannot skip cut scenes unless you play through the level again after already beating it once. Also, ill mention some of the cut scenes you will not be able to skip even after beating it once before.

2) Most recent games such as modern warfare 2 after completing the game on the highest difficulty it unlocks all the achievements that you earned for playing it on the lower difficulties as well. For example on modern warfare if you beat the game on veteran (highest difficulty) it unlocks the achievement for beating the game on medium difficulty and so on. Kung fu Panda you have to play through all of Dragon slayer (highest difficulty), and then play the game again on a lower difficulty to get those also.

3) I hate collecting things for achievements but 50% of games have one or two achievements to collect things. This being one of them. You have to collect all the rare coins and idols. On a side note though most of them are in clear site if you pay attention to things around you. So make sure before you most on look around for these things so you do not have to go back and collect them after you beat the game.

Thats all  can think of for this game. Now for little tricks that i can tell you now if you are just trying to improve your gaming score and have this game.

1) Before you start the game go to the cheat code page on the main menu and enter in the codes for invincibility, x4 damage, infinite chi, and if you want all upgrades. go here to get the cheats (www.gamefaqs.com and enter in kung fu panda in the search bar).

2) there is an achievement to buy all upgrades and costumes cool thing is in level 10 ish where you are at the training grounds of tai lung. After you get to the part where you fight the guys in the middle of the level do not close the doors! just kill everything over and over and grab all the coins you can then finish the level. That way you can just buy all the upgrades and costumes. if you have the full upgrades cheat activated just restart the game after you are done with the level and the cheats will be gone then just buy them.

3) use to invincible code and get the free 50 points for getting the invincibility achievement (not dying the whole game). If you happen to die in the water during the two levels where there is actual water it does not count as dying.

That is it for kung fu panda. If you have any questions leave a comment and ill reply as soon as I can. Hope this helps!


My Xbox 360 Achievement Goal

THis is my first blog post on this website and thought it be relevant to post here instead just a regular blog website. I am setting a goal to max out all the achievements in every game that i play. Though goal right? I think everyone thought about it that owns an xbox 360 and likes to earn achievement points but usually never happens. So stay updated on how well i am doing.