Forza 2 - xbox 360 - achievements

Working on 1000 points on forza 2! I must say they are easy achievement points just very time consuming indeed! The hardest achievement i believe is the time trials achievement where you must beat all the times to get the achievement. I have completed most of them except like four of them which are ridiculous! Anyone have any tips on beating the last couple of them? Maybe which cars to use? I attempted the last one which takes almost 10 minutes to race around the track and i was off by a full minute without crashing or drifting much at all. Guess ill put but my feet on the gas and wont stop for anything!

I did run into some glitches that might help some of you out if your trying to get the arcade achievement. Just like the buying locked car glitch.

If you want to use a locked car that is in your arcade races then do the same thing you do to buy an unlocked car. Press right trigger and x at the same time to use the car that is locked you must start on the UNLOCKED car the is to the left of the locked car you want. If you mess around with the sorting you can get the ones that are further locked beyond the first one. I did this for a couple and won the races without a breeze but sometimes it wont matter and just have to crash the other cars that are faster then you. If you need any help just reply back to this post and ill try to explain more into detail!

Also i might add that this trick along with buying locked cars and money glitch can only be obtained if you NEVER updated the game. So you are good if you do not have xbox live for sure.

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