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Best of 2010

DJ_Lae: Best of 2010

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  • Lara Croft made relevant again, and no one bought it. So I bought it three times, once for each platform. It's that good, whether singleplayer or co-op. Brilliant level design, fun combat mechanics, and solid platforming.

  • Half streamline and half dumbed-down, but still a refined step forward from the original game and a fantastic sci-fi RPG in its own right...even if it was less RPG and more shooter this time around.

  • Buggier than Fallout 3, but also much better written and paced than Fallout 3. The quests are actually involved, the characters are actually interesting, and the world is big enough without being barren like in Fallout 3.

  • Not the revelation of the first game (several steps back in many regards) but easily one of the better games released this year. It's also hard to take a step forward from something as good as the original Galaxy.

  • Grand Theft Horse, indeed. It has some pacing issues midway through, but the game is more compelling than GTA, has more interesting character, and knowingly references so many western movies without being too blatant about the whole thing.

  • Post release the online community has devolved into what one can only assume is the general Monster Hunter community (insulting, unhelpful, obsessed), but played alone or with friends it's a fantastic experience only held back by the technical limitations of the Wii itself.

  • Not only is it a DS RPG worth playing, but it's a Dragon Quest game that's worth playing. That may sound harsh, but the series has never held my interest until this one. It still has many of the overly JRPG trappings of the previous Dragon Quest games, but it also allows for some user customization along the way.

  • Similar to Ninja Gaiden, if you die in Bayonetta it's your fault, not the game's. And other than some horrible Genesis throwback levels, it's an incredible hack and slash game with some of the best bosses seen this generation. You just have to put up with the cinematics.

  • Great atmosphere, good storytelling, passable gunplay. Though to be fair the gameplay's only problem is repetition, as while the mechanics of lighting and shooting dudes is fun, it never really changes through the game. But the environment and (dear god) the lighting effects really sell it.

  • Bad gameplay, bad graphics, but a whole lot of charm. Played this prior to Giant Bomb's endurance run and had a blast with it - as long as you make some very recommended sidequest choices during your singleplayer experience the gameplay never trumps the hilarious dialogue and characters. And though poorly told at times, there are few stories in videogaming as compelling.