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An hour with vidiot.

I’ve never really talked to vidiot, and only recognized him by his NES cartridge user icon on GB; nevertheless, he was courageous enough to take the reins as the controller in our recent session of Sleep is Death. Courageous, for the interface was absolutely daunting despite the game being only 3 MB of data. All I had to do was sit back, relax and play the game he set before me. Since vidiot was in charge of changing scenarios in turns of 30 seconds, it’d only be natural to cut him some slack. I don’t play that way, so I persisted in trying to break the narrative I thought he was going for. However, he and I quickly found that resisting any semblance of sanity was the best route to go, and we came away with some very humorous results.

The picture gallery below is a scene ripped out of the middle (I am the character with suspenders), if you like what you see, you can find the rest of it here.

Needless to say, the story went in a wild direction; resulting in attempted pixelated rape, teleportation, penis discussion and suicide. It was certainly immature and haphazard, but it's quite unlike anything I've seen from a game this side of the Postal series. What surprised me the most was how most of the content was conceived and imagined by two people who are far away from each in both distance and personality. Sure, the game boils down to nothing but a glorified role-playing chat room, but the constraints--and the ability to possibly break those--are what made the game truly enjoyable. I wasn't able to rape the poor lady lying on the ground, but such is life as a character in Sleep is Death (or at least vidiot's version of it).
Personally, I came away from the game with a smile on my face and, for future posterity, a record of the events that I linked to above. Despite a soured taste toward independently-developed games, Sleep is Death left me with complacency; during my session with vidiot, the interface, aged graphics and lo-fi music never cropped up as an issue. The game gave me the satisfaction of a "create, play and share" title that LittleBigPlanet failed to deliver. Even as someone with very little control over the proceedings, I felt intimately involved with the creation of a story.
I recommend everyone to try it out at least once; it's definitely an experience worth having. Also, pester vidiot or Symphony for their story, it's way more hilarious.