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    Postal is a game franchise well known for being incredibly controversial. The games allow you to commit acts of mass violence, but this choice is ultimately left up to the player; you can be as insane or forgiving as you in yourself wish.

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    The franchise's name comes from an infamous event where an American postal worker lost his mind and went on a murderous rampage. This event spawned the phrase "going postal". The first in the series was an isometric shooter simply named "Postal". In this game you play a character simply known as the postal dude who for unknown reasons (due to the presence of a moving van and police cars it could be eviction) is going postal and believes the world is out to get him. This game is the only of its kind that is set in stone, meaning the player isn't in control of how much violence since you have to kill a certain amount of characters to advance.

    The second, Postal² is what gained the series its notoriety of being over the top and blatantly psychotic. This game the player takes control of The Postal Dude jr. for a five day week in the mining town of Paradise, AZ who has a knack for attracting trouble, attention, and bullets. In this game you have the ability to commit lewd acts such as pissing on corpses, complete dismemberment, live cremation, and disembowelment. It has been said that because of this fact the game is tasteless but the violence is mostly left up to the player. The game does seem to encourage the violence by putting all odds against you and literally having everyone you run into want you dead. The missions in this game include mundane tasks, like getting milk or going to confession, but puts all sort of obstacles, such as al qaeda extremists or murderous protesters, directly in the way. Critically it usually gets a 50% with lot's of mixed reviews (negative reviews mostly directed towards the violence, extremely long load times, and disgusting nature of the game and positive reviews go for the amazing amount of cajones actually needed to create a game and circle it into existence) and the game is noted for having a very large cult following but technically it all depends on the type of gamer you are. I'd recommend looking on youtube for a video of gameplay before you purchase it.

    There was an expansion pack created (known as Apocalypse weekend) and a plethora of mods (such as eternal damnation and a weed in paradise) created. The expansion expands the game (from Monday to Friday) to the last remaining days of the week. It again follows dude on his exploits after being shot in the head, getting his trailer repossessed, his dog sent to the pound, and his wife leaving him as he try's to get away from all the psycho's and zombies in Paradise, save his dog, get his trailer, and get the hell out of town. This was the last official game in the series released thus far but a sequel is in production.

    Postal III is going to be the third installment and once again follow T. P. Dude jr. as he tries to start a new life in Catharsis, AZ (sister town of paradise) as he's dragged through hell again just trying to live a normal life.

    There were a couple of spin offs such as the cellphone game Postal Babes and a couple of other under the radar games. All the games were developed and copyrighted by running with scissors and the third is a joint operation with Akella soft.

    Awards and Honors


    • Gamepro Magazine Top 6 Goriest Headshots: 5th Place Winner - POSTAL 2
    • Top 10 Funniest Games Ever: 1st Place Winner - POSTAL 2
    • Top 10 Most Violent Games Ever: 1st Place Winner - POSTAL 2
    • Yahoo Most Controversial Games Ever: 5th Place - POSTAL
    • Mobile VAS Awards: 1st Place Winner - POSTAL Babes Mobile
    • Project Next Gaming: Silver Award 87/100 - POSTAL Babes Mobile


    • Certificate of Excellence Award - POSTAL II
    • Best Weapon of E3, RWS Badger Saw! - POSTAL III
    • Hoboken International Film Festival: Best Of Show. – Postal The Movie


    • Voted one of top 10 best games at Igromir Expo - POSTAL III
    • XLeague, Top 10 Video Game Weapons, Postal 2 #3, Anthrax Cow Head!
    • Gamesradar, The 10 Most Banned Video Games, Postal #1, banned in 13 Countries!
    • Consoletech, Innovative Achievement Award - RWS & POSTAL Series


    • PC World, The 10 Worst Games of All Time, Runners-Up - POSTAL


    •, Sickest TOP 5, POSTAL 2: Apocalypse Weekend #5


    • Holiday Violent Games List, POSTAL 2, #9
    • Interfaith Alliance top 10 most violent games list - POSTAL 2
    • Nexus Game Magazine, Top 10 Controversial Games - POSTAL 2
    • PC Zone (UK), Rated Future Filth - POSTAL 2: Share The Pain
    • Game Industry News: Nominated Best Action Game of the Year. POSTAL 2
    • Game Industry News: Nominated Best Shooter of the Year. POSTAL 2
    • PC Zone (UK), 50 Most Controversial Games Ever, #5 - POSTAL
    • PC Zone (UK), 50 Most Controversial Games Ever, #11 - POSTAL 2
    • Game Tiger, Top Ten Games You Can't Show Mom - POSTAL 2
    • Electronic Gaming Buisness, E3 Boss Award, The Gary Coleman Trophy
    • Computer Games Magazine, Best Performance by a politician - Gary Coleman in POSTAL 2


    • Krawall Gaming, Best Press Releases of 2003 - RWS and POSTAL 2
    • GameSpot, Most Embarrasing Game Nominee - POSTAL 2
    • Game Informer, Top 10 Villains of 2003 - Gary Coleman in POSTAL 2
    • Top 10 "Parent Alert!" Game List by MediaWise - POSTAL 2
    • "We Are Games", Postal Dude rated #1 Video Game Character
    • Gamer TV (UK), POSTAL 2 rated #1 Most Outrageous Game of All time
    • STUFF magazine, POSTAL 2 rated #3 Most Controversial Games Ever
    • ICE magazine (UK), POSTAL 2 rated #1 Goriest Game of All time
    •, Best Booth Babes at ECTS, London - Running With Scissors
    • IGN, Runner-up Best Booth - Running With Scissors
    • The ESRB rates POSTAL 2 first game ever with "Intense Violence" descriptor


    • PC GAMER, POSTAL rated #2 Most Controversial Game of All Time
    • XGR, Best Off-The-Floor Showing at E3 - POSTAL 2


    • Software Publishers Association: Excellence in Packaging - POSTAL
    • Academy of Interactive Sciences: Best Use of Audio Nominee - POSTAL
    • Academy of Interactive Sciences: Best Soundtrack Nominee - POSTAL
    • Capital of Nasty: Golden Testicle Award - website


    • E3 Best of Show: Gold Medal - POSTAL
    • All About Games magazine, Silver Medal, Arcade - POSTAL
    • Entermedia: Editor's Choice Award - POSTAL
    • Washington Post: Golden Fez Award - POSTAL
    • Game of the Game of the Month Award - POSTAL
    • Game Genies: Granted Wish Award - POSTAL

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