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Non-Deadly Objects/Concepts that are Deadly in Video Games

You ever noticed that tons of things that really wouldn't kill you in real life, kill you in video games? Well, sadly, it's true. There's always gotta be something that gives you a game over, and game developers seem to grasp at straws to find something good to do just that. Here's a list of some of the most ridiculous things that kill you or others in video games. 
Any additions by the community are appreciated, I'm having a bit of a hard time thinking of good ones.

List items

  • THIS IS THE WORST. Every platformer has this, the one level that scrolls itself, and kills you if you come between an object and the left edge of the screen. So annoying.

  • I'm always a fan of games that let you swim a little, because it always bothers me when water kills you in a game. I mean come on, Bionic Commando, can't you at least TRY to not sink? Not everyone sinks every time they swim, but some games just don't seem to realize that.

  • I haven't been hit by a pistol before, but especially in Halo 3, it seemed a little ridiculous that 5 bullets couldn't kill you in a game but one solid shot with a pistol put anyone down. Not quite realistic.

  • You know that one level in every Mario game where bats hanging on the ceiling come down and kill you? I hate that level. Bats aren't deadly.

  • You know what's up here. Your accomplice dies, you die. Rage ensues.

  • In today's modern era of games, choices just move a scale side to side or up and down. But I remember playing a lot of really bad Java-based text adventures as a kid, since on my favorite game website it seemed to be either that or bad side-scrollers. And in these games, it always pissed me off when you made slightly the wrong choice, and suddenly a picture of a skull and text saying "YOU'RE DEAD" came up.

  • A lot of status effects are legit, like poisoning or paralysis. My personal bone to pick here with status effects are "Curses" and "Burning". First off, curses don't exist, but if they did, I doubt they'd be so stupid as to only kill you a little bit for about 5 hours. These little weak curses shouldn't kill you. Burning, however, is even worse. In real life, a burn is basically a skin condition. It hurts, sure, but it doesn't kill. However, in video games, burns apparently set your character on fire and effect them every once in a while, slowly killing them. That.... that's just not even close.

  • It's one thing to simply fail a level because you ran out of time. It's another for your character to actually DIE because you ran out of time, like how Mario's death animation shows everytime your timer runs out. All things do die in time, I suppose, but not literally because of time.

  • Rats are also not deadly, though RPG makers would love to tell you otherwise. I believe it was once discussed on the Bombcast how in Dragon Age, your first easy fight with rats or some other small animal left you all bloody like any other fight would. I laughed, but then realized how wrong that was.

  • Explain to me how this guy sitting in a cloud kills you by touch. Done trying? Good, because he can't. I hate Lakitu, and was recently angered by his inclusion in New Super Mario Bros. for DS. I thought this was new and improved, not old and f***ed up.

  • Death by hair? Come on now. Bayonetta chick is sexy, but looks don't kill, and neither does hair, no matter how demonic it is.