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Favorite Game Soundtracks

Music can add so much to the enjoyment of a game.  Here's a few that I think nailed it.

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  • The period music really completes the feel of the atmosphere. Wouldn't be the same without it. Not to mention the fantastic original score. Cohen's Masterpiece, anyone?

  • The music is always in the background, unobtrusive, but still manages to be memorable.

  • Great original music, but random inclusions like Finiculi Finicula and Moonlight Sonata make it special.

  • One of the few soundtracks (game and otherwise) that I will listen to in my car.

  • Blade Runner (awesome) meets Starship Troopers (also awesome). And who doesn't love the map music?

  • From the castle overworld, to the flying cap, to sliding down the ice chutes, everything has a catchy and memorable tune that will forever be etched on my brain.

  • Funk.