The Great Beard-Off!!!

I probably drink too much. But sometimes alcohol gives you good ideas, like The Great Beard-Off (TM). My roommate and I decided that we should do this test of endurance, and beard-growing, and mutherfucking brotherhood.

Here are the rules we will be adhering to.

1. On October 1, ALL facial hair will be shaved. This includes my mustache that I have had for 5 years and not touched.

2. Going forward (from October 1), everyone will grow their beard and hair indefinitely. It is encouraged that pics be shared but it is not necessary.

3. Don't be a dirty bastard. Clean your beard when necessary. Think of the children!

4. *EDIT* Due to requests and the prospect of being literally consumed by one's own beard, trimming of the neckline IS ALLOWED.

5. This is an endurance competition. Technically, anyone can shave at any time, but it is a voluntary resignation from the Beard-Off.

6. The winner is the last person to give in and shave.

We would like to extend the event to anyone who would like to be involved. I thought it would be fun to mention it to GB and see if anyone would like to get involved. Let me know in the comments if you want to be a part of it.