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Jump down the Rabbit Hole 0

Fable 2, in a word, is magical. Peter Molyneux's ( and Lionhead Studios ) Albion is a trip down the Rabbit Hole to Alice's Wonderland, well, at least the Wonderland the creator intended before Disney snatched it up and drizzled sickly sweet sacrine all over it. Prepare to be transported to a world gone mad, whether it be the deranged ravings of a duo of momma's boys incanting arcane formulae to call forth extra-dimensional beings from twisted spheres, the Scottish Brogue mockings of cynical garg...

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Most Critics are Ignoring Key Features 9

This game has flaws, but I feel they are far out weighed by its innovation and attention to detail. I sat down to play this game four days after it came out. I had bought it the day I was leaving town. The morning after I got back, I fired it up. I put 16 hours into it in one day. I couldn't stop playing. I haven't done that in quite some time. Call of Duty 4 or Bioshock couldn't hold my interest for that long. This game is not all about loot. It is a major factor and done well, but this game is...

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