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MIcrosoft Sent Me a Free Game

Well, this is unexpected. As you can imagine, I was extremely pissed after having my 360 break three times since August and complained to them about it. So, they decided to send me Project Gotham 3 as a peace offering. Has this happened to anyone else?


Alright, this is really getting out of hand.

I'm all for DLC. I think it's a great way to add more play value to game when handled correctly.

But this is where I draw the line. If this is where the industry is going, we're screwed.

It varies apparently

I waited in line at midnight for Brawl, (Looking back, it wasn't worth it.) It was really boring. But when I picked up Gears 2 the other day, the cashier said that midnight launch was amazing. 70 people, most playing in a tournament, with the championship playing in a humvee with a huge TV. Kinda regretting not going to that one.


Got my 360 back, temporarily can't use live, beat Gears.

Got my 360 back. I'm surprised how fast it came, (Despite procrastinating sending in for like a month.) They even gave me a free month of live, which i can't use right now, due to remodeling done in my living room. I need to fix the hole the hole that i had the wire running through. I also just beat Gears of War. I liked it, and am gonna mess around with the online once get I get it set back up before Io review it. 

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