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Game machines

Consoles, hand-helds and computers I have owned at some point.

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  • Have a first gen model. I have been pondering whether to get a DSi XL, but I think I'll now wait for the 3DS.

  • Have one of the early ones and have only cleaned the laser once :)

  • I wonder what happened to my GB. LOL

    UPDATE: My mom unearthed this at her house while going through some old stuff!

  • I'd be ashamed to own one now, but I had one of the original all-in-one MACs.

  • Only on my second one :)

    UPDATE: Third one now =\

  • This thing has spent most of its life collecting dust.

  • Was glad to get rid of this when I got my DS.

  • I remember how amazing the graphics looked.

  • I had the cheaper 400 with the membrane keyboard. I miss the tape drive, heh.

  • Worst quality controllers ever. I must have gone through a dozen of them. Console was tons of fun though.

  • This machine was ahead of its time. I miss it so.

  • This is what started it all for me. My family had no idea I would spend most of the rest of my life playing these things :)

  • Kicked it as far away as I possibly could.

  • The computer I learned to program on (BASIC). Programming languages have made a bit of progress since then :)

  • Yup, Disgaea 3 cost me $550. :)