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If you have the motivation, EA Sports Active will make you sweat 0

For anyone looking to experience an actual workout courtesy of their Wii, EA Sports Active offers the best opportunity to get off your couch and burn some calories, provided you're interested in doing so. Right out of the box the focus of the game is on the 30-day challenge, a preset schedule of twenty training programs fittingly spread out over thirty days. Each workout takes between 15-30 minutes to complete (depending on your selected level of intensity) and does a pretty good job of switchin...

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Maybe the best Diablo clone ever, both for better and worse 1

 Torchlight is nothing short of Diablo run wild. It takes the best parts of the most celebrated action RPG ever made, makes everything easily accessible, and compiles it into a colorful world to make Torchlight one of the genuine surprises of 2009 and a game PC fans can't help but squeal with delight. Unfortunately for Torchlight this euphoria is fleeting since once the initial joy wears off there isn't much to keep people coming back unless they're totally in love with the mindless click a...

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Oozing with Charm and Personality to Create a Great Experience 0

It takes a great deal to stand out in today’s video game market, but Beyond Good and Evil from Ubisoft achieves this status through a combination of charming characters, strong storyline, and highly engaging environments which make it the best action-adventure since Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. The protagonist for the story is Jade, a young aspiring photojournalist who along with her inventive man-pig uncle Pey’j live in an island lighthouse serving as caretaker for a group of orphans...

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Genre-busting, an absolute must-play for strategy and action fans 0

 Not to be confused with the famous vector graphics title of the Atari days, this version of Battlezone delivers an experience that defies to be compared to any title to precede it, and is an absolute must-play for anybody with an itch for solid action titles on their PC. It near-flawlessly combines intense vehicle-based action with aspects of real-time strategy into a form of gaming that is fresh, challenging, and certainly not to be missed. The original and engaging storyline is one...

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Even the biggest Dynasty Warriors fan will be feeling deja vu. 0

 This is the fourth go-around for the Empires spin off series, and apparently Koei is apt to ignore any requests to update the stagnating series since Empires is more of the same game play you've come to expect. There's no innovation here, just some minor strategy elements and a mountain of the same hacking and slashing we've been doing since Dynasty Warriors 2. The Empires series is different from the regular in that the story-based Musou mode is swapped out for a nation-conquering Empir...

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