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Wishlist SATORI on Steam - a meditative parkour experience

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SATORI influences

SATORI is a flow-inducing first-person platformer -- wall-run, air-dash, grapple-swing, and rail-grind through infinitely generated open worlds and experience the freedom of meditative free-running.

Many games have served as inspiration for SATORI, whether through player abilities and mechanics, open-world design, or aesthetics and visuals.

Give the game a try on Steam if any of these games in this list interest you.

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List items

  • Titanfall 2 has a very solid character controller that was studied for SATORI. Wall-running and sliding were also mechanics inspired by this game.

  • An incredibly fun and dense open-world playground. Air-dashing, rail-grinding, and bounce-pads in SATORI were directly inspired by Sunset Overdrive, as was the general feeling of simply moving through a fun world gathering collectables with great traversal mechanics.

  • Similar to Insomniac's other fantastic open-world traversal game Sunset Overdrive, Marvel's Spider-Man inspired the general concept of liberating movement in an open-world, making you "feel" like the acrobatic protagonist.

  • Infinite procedurally generated worlds was the right call for SATORI's playspaces, and this was inspired by Superflight.

  • This wonderfully relaxed platformer served a big inspiration for the general goal and purpose of SATORI and its structure.

  • This fast-paced, action-heavy game utilised a slow-motion ability (bullet-time) to offset its chaotic madness. Since SATORI is focused on a liberating and empowering experience, player-affordance was a must, and slow-motion at the touch of a button was key to this.

  • This game came out after SATORI was already deeply in production, but remains an illustration of many of the platforming mechanics present in the latter.

  • The game that began the first-person parkour trend. Its visual design, particularly in the more abstract Time Trials, also served as inspiration for creating striking yet effective graphics on a budget.

  • Open world Mirror's Edge! Having SATORI be more about the joys of movement rather than mastery was inspired by the frustrating trial-and-error nature of Mirror's Edge, where making mistakes cost a lot of time and took you out of the flow of motion.

  • Flying through floating islands in this wonderfully colourful world inspired the type of geometric repetition and use of colour and fog in SATORI.

  • A wonderfully striking art style and a world focused on fantastical platforming, filled to the brim with collectables. POP 2008 was quite limiting and simplistic in its platforming, which made it feel a little repetitive at times, but the idea of relaxing in a beautiful, non-threatening world finding collectables and performing cool acrobatics was a big inspiration for SATORI. (Also check out the POP TGS 2008 trailer -- stunning).

  • The "skate parks" in Tony Hawk served as a level design aspiration - SATORI has an infinite number of large, procedurally generated skate-park style levels filled with collectables ala Pro Skater.

  • The wonderfully abstract geometric animated world, the striking high contrast colours, and the beautiful ribbon aesthetics served as a visual inspiration for SATORI, particularly the grapple hook being a flowing red cloth.

  • This incredible open-world game showed us all how fun it is to simply DRIVE FAST. Moving through the world and finding gates and billboards to bust through was the height of free-roam bliss.

  • The feeling of liberating platforming, open-world traversal, and fluid flow-inducing movement is at the heart of SATORI, inspired by many entries on this list