Steve, Pascual, & Kessler Talk to GaymerX Founder, Matt Conn. LGBT in Gaming Community.

Matt Conn, founder of GaymerX
Matt Conn, founder of GaymerX

GaymerX (formally known as GaymerCon) is an upcoming videogame convention that revolves around the LGBT community. In this episode of Steve&Matts we talked to its founder, Matt Conn. He's a 25 year old San Francisco resident that wants to shine a light on and provide a safe environment for the LGBT community.


We got one more podcast interview going up later this week. Sorry for spamming a million shows. As I said, I'll be out of town and I struck a lot of luck I didn't want to waste on getting some solid guests on. I would release these throughout the month, but I won't have Internet access. It's actually super informative and insightful, but I'm the host so my opinion doesn't matter.