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Amazing to behold 0

This game is the reason that PSN is still light years ahead of Xbox Live in terms of content.  This game is a visual stunner, no shortage of amazing things to look at.  The amount of time that must have gone into the physics engine just to make the grass behave as it does is nothing short of astounding.  Brad is right on the money with his assessment.  I found the later third of the game incredible and emotionally moving.  When the dark turn occurs I literally felt my spirits sink as the color d...

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Sharpen your swords 0

As this 4th entry in the now legendary Soul Calibur series comes to stores, many are likely asking how Project Soul is innovating their franchise.  Starting off, the character models in this game look gorgeous, animation is fluid, boobs bounce in almost absurd ways, and weapon impacts feel spot on.  The game integrates a very robust character creation system allowing for players to completely customize any of the stock characters or create a completely new one.In perhaps a ridiculous Star Wars  ...

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Beating down fools 0

If you like beating up fools then this is the game for you.  In a Metal Gear Solid 2 style twist, everyone's favorite demon hunter Dante is not the sole protagonist in this outing.  We are introduced to Nero, who looks strangely like Dante, but is more emo/whiny, in comparison to Dante who just tries to come off as a badass all the time.I never play these games for their story, everyone plays DMC for the combat and I am pleased to say that this game delivers in spades.  There is no such thing as...

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I like Jenga with Bombs 0

If you ever thought that playing Jenga with a Wii-Mote would be fun, then this is the game for you.  And thats only one of the numerous game modes available to you in Boom Blox.  With what I thought was going to be a glorified tech demo (and still kinda is) this is one of the best non Ninetendo releases to come out of the Wii thus far.  Featuring cutesy animals and environments that basically serve as the silly reasons for the various physics simulations, I was constantly enchanted by the games ...

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Glorious Crashing 0

As the latest entry in the Burnout proves, wrecking your car can prove to both incredibly cool, but also somewhat annoying if you get taken down 100 yds from the finish line and your wreck doesn't manage to slide over the finish.  But this point aside Burnout Paradise is fun game.  The game world looks beautiful even when the environments are flying by at 200mph.  The wide variety of cars allows for every player to find a ride that fits their driving style.  I myself prefer aggression cars even ...

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A Fitting End 0

Metal Gear Solid 4 is a magnum opus for one of the boldest game series in history.  Despite the lengthy cutscenes (which I love) the game is as much movie as it is game.  The controls have been refined to a level that makes every aspect of the previous games seem paltry in comparison.   Shooting feels spot on, and the gun customization system allows you to play the game how you want.  In Snake Eater one of my main gripes with the Camo Index system was the constant dropping into the menus to make...

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