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YES! So glad this is happening!

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Did you notice the abrupt jump in game graphics this video portraits? Gratz man for doing this masterpiece! It's a perfect thing to give to someone and see if they are true gamers or not! :D

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Yeah for me aswel. As soon as the credits roll (not going for the fake, under the options menu -> credits) it's the end of the game for me. I kinda miss the old school days when it would tell you Game Over after the credits. Then if the game got my attention enough (usually based on sittings) then I go and explore the side stuff and start searching for easter eggs and such.

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Can't wait! My first BLLSL as a premium member. This is gonna be goood! *slurp*

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Where's my sammich! Why it's there no TF2 meme in there! Can't wait for Valve to release this. I had Xpadder (for mouse control) working quite fine with the Windows virtual keyboard but this would improve my gaming sessions so much!

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Hey there peeps!. It’s been kind of a long time since I wrote something up and now it’s turn to turn things around a bit and talk about some games! And yeah. This is totally going to be a long post *wink wink*

In the past couple of moths thing changed quite a bit. I got to upgrade my PC (well, there was nothing to upgrade, my old motherboard was pretty old so I had to buy everything from scratch). and as any good gamer…you go about installing every game you liked in the past years and crank them up to the highest settings possible. And let me tell you…what a beast!

Since we’re talking about PC here are the specs:


Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.0GHz


6144MB RAM

Hard Drive:

1TB Sata2 + 128GB SSD

Video Card:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti


Samsung SyncMaster 2493 HM + LG Flatron L1750S

Sound Card:

Speakers (VIA High Definition Audio)


Logitech Z-5500, SteelSeries Siberia Neckband Headset White (PC)


Logitech® G15 keyboard


Logitech® G500

Mouse Surface:

Razer Destructor™ Precision Gaming Surface | Razer Fractal™ textured surface for enhanced precision movements | Optimized to improve optical and laser gaming-grade mouse performance | Ultra-wide size

Operating System:

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit


Asus P8H61-MX

Computer Case:

Generic case

So ok it’s not that much of a beast but the main thing I wanted is to run games at the native resolution of the monitor (1920X1200). And this graphics card can do it beautifully. Although I’m having some pretty bad issues with it after just 2 months of use. The system hard-locks pretty much any time I play any game. I tried a bunch of things. Running a program to see the temperature of the card (never went past 65°C), manually adjusting the fan speed at max and still got no positive results. Installing previous drivers to see if there’s any incompatibility problems, still nothing. Changing the power supply to a 800W one. Still nothing. The last thing I did which somehow helps is under-clocking the card below the manufacturer frequencies. Now it kind of works but I’ll still get some freezes occasionally. So yeah I’m looking to find a new card.

Diablo 3. Let’s talk about the ultimate GF steal-er. As a well known Diablo 2 player from back in the day (my whole high-school) I had to get the next Blizzard installment. Oh boy if it scratched my loot itch! Me and some friends got it on launch day and we first wanted to experience the first playthrough alone and later we would join forces and complete the whole game. Hah, like that’s going to happen. of course we got to nightmare difficulty doing act 1. It wasn’t easy but we did it. I even went and got to farm for some gold in Whymsishire to get some better gear from the AH since the drops are shit. And then the patch comes. I spent like 5 mil on att.spd gear and they nerfed it pretty bad. So bad that I lost any interest in playing the game. The problem with it is that the gameplay is superb but there is no content. Going through the same act and not even getting one good item for the next act is boring. And where’s the point.

Tera. Yep, that’s right. I did what I said I would “never” do again. I went to play an MMO. Here’s the thing. One day I went to play Minecraft on my server and a friend joined. We started chatting and catching up and he says that I should play Tera since everybody is playing it. And I wen’t like…Waaaaait a minute. Tera? This sounds familiar. I go to take a look into my gmail inbox, do a quick search and BAM. Another friend of mine gifted me the CD key for it. I register a new account, input the code and there we go. A collector’s digital edition of the game. And here we are. Stuck with a bunch of my friends playing and leveling in Tera.

That’s the software par of the post. Now on the hardware side of things. I had the old PC sitting below the new one doing nothing and I decided to get everything out…put it in a smaller case and have it in my living room as a streaming/multimedia device. It’s my old Core 2 duo and it’s enough to watch HD movies and even stream games I play in HD. So basically, there’s the motherboard, the GFX card, the PSU and disk and that’s pretty much it. I got everything in an old Xbox 360 Box =) Hope it doesn’t get all that hot to melt the cardboard. We’ll see. I’ll have the thing on my eye every time I use it until I get a proper smaller case. Which I might build myself or just order one. I don’t know yet.

So yeah, that’s summer for me. Playing games and messing around with PC’s. In a month or two we’ll begin restoration of the flat. We’re going to expand the living room to the balcony and redo the whole floor with nice big black tiles, redo the electric wiring because I want to have Ethernet and USB port in almost every electric plug. We’re redoing the kitchen completely with a nice isle in the middle. We still need to plan all the details but for now we just have to do the basics. Isolate the balcony and redo the floors. That’s the main priority.

Until then, long live and prosper the world of videogames!

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I personally don't like Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot... I was playing alone and it was downright impossible...The thing that pisses me off is if you loose a must go trough the previous one again...and you have to complete a whole set of 5 rounds for it to stay completed... Goddamn I tried for two hours and couldn't do it. 
A DLC that expands the story is always fun...The Dr.Ned's Zombie Island was cool and the General Knox one too. I bet this last piece of DLC is surely going to be awesome. Can't wait.