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Review: Brothers

Wow. I played Brothers in two sittings today and last night. After a couple hours last night I had to stop because of the emotional density of this game. For every joyful, happy, or celebratory moment it feels like there are two or three soulful sad and despondent moments. All packed into a game that is just a few hours long. With one exception (the animations for one character seem to have gotten sign flopped or something in one scene, a rather key one, possibly a unique error to my PC hardware?) I savored every minute of the experience and was fully drawn into the world of two brothers trying to save their father's life.

I would talk about the little moments, but every one of them is so huge. You really need to experience Brothers for yourself. This is one that I'll be saving to play with my daughter when she is older so that she can appreciate storytelling in games.

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