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Games Finished in 2013

hopefully this year will be totes cray ;3

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  • toogoodfornumbers/5

    takes everything that made 999 great and then does it even better. GOAT material right here.

  • 5/5 all 250 puzzles completed. I am a true Pushmo master.

    a simple but clever little puzzle game that puts all of its mechanics to good use.

  • Finished on Hard+Classic


    Excellent strategy gameplay, featuring a large cast of likeable characters. It's a little on the easy side and the story wasn't too great, but those are minor quibbles.

    Some good strategy fun right here, although it was a bit on the easy side.

  • 4/5

    whaaaaaat is up with that wacky story. I need to read up on some things because I'm not sure I get what happened.

    Brilliant game regardless.

  • 3/5

    not the best 3D mario, but certainly an impressive portable platformer.

  • 4/5

    A very entertaining superhero game, with a very entertaining story.

    Didn't care much for the sidequests, but it's no big deal.

  • 4/5

    Despite some frustrating gameplay quirks, it manages to be a pretty enjoyable dungeon crawl. Kind of surprising how well it holds up after over a decade.

    The most notable thing about it though is its cyberpunk presentation. It's like Neuromancer but with demons.

    All around, a very entertaining experience.

  • 4/5

    Like Demons Souls, this game is a perfect combination of RPG elements and action-heavy combat.

    A second playthrough may or may not be in my near future.

  • 3/5

  • GOATworthy/5

    A wonderful, imaginative, and hilarious game. Few games can claim to have as much heart (no pun intended) as this one.

    The gameplay was entertaining, although a distinct lack of difficulty somewhat mars the experience. For the record: I died about twice throughout my first 45 hour run.

    Still, that's a minor quibble compared to everything this game gets right.

  • 3.5/5

  • Like playing an anime. Solid entertainment.


  • 3/5

    A decent Zelda game that doesn't match the height of its predecessor.

    Also, I hated the rental system and hope they scrap it next time.

  • 5/5

    One of the funniest games ever made. Pure joy from beginning to end.