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My Review of Mirrors.

Mirrors is a horror film directed by Alexandria Aja and starring Kiether Sutherland. This film has been getting tons of bad reviews, I don't think I have read one positive thing about the film. I don't see why it people hate is so much. I thought Kiether Sutherland was good in it and the plot, though a bit silly near the end, was interesting and much better than the plots of most modern horror films these days. The film has some great Atmosphere and good effects, though as I said before it did try to explain a bit too much and Kiether Sutherland did fight an evil Nun who crawls on the ceiling and gets lit on fire. That didn't stop films like Poltergeist which had an evil clown doll and a giant tree that tried to eat people, from being a good horror movie and it certainlly does not stop this one. Plus the actual ending to the film was brillaint and unexpected, though i wish the director killed off one of the kids, they were kinda annoying, plus it would show he has guts.

Overall I give it a 4 out of 5.