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The waiting game...

So my first blog was centred around the fact that I had submitted an article for Diablo 2. Now i expected to wait a while, heck I expected to wait approximately 24 hours as they said thats how long it would take, but its been 48 hours so far and the waiting is killing me. I've now submitted a shed load of articles on all sorts of things, made edits here and there and tried to fill sections up with images if they were previously empty. The images are no problem as they are usually approved very quickly but the edits and the articles are taking forever and I never thought it would affect me too much. Every hour I quickly check my profile to see if any of them have been approved and every hour I am disappointed to find the same old "pending" status pinned to them, but then I guess the site is a little hectic right now. This is by no means meant as a dig at the giant bomb staff as clearly they have lots and lots of things to process its just I never thought I would care so much for the articles I wrote and never imagined I would be checking the site franticly to see if they have finally been approved ^^.

The waiting game continues I guess....


A new day a new article

So I've just woken up and hopped on my laptop (damn PC is broke). I check out my new favourite gaming site and start searching for some of my favourite games to add to my favourites list. I search Diablo 2 and what do I find ? an empty page. Well o.k someone has written a blurb but that just isn't good enough for one of my favourite games of all time so I figure I'll get typing. Now its been several years since I played the game so I may have missed a few minor details here and there but I think overall i've done a good job. Submited it about 2 minutes ago and now i've got the dreaded wait to see if it gets accepted by the mods. I guess this gives me time to check out some of the bombcasts I've not yet listened to.