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iPad review for Magic 2014 (With same android observations) 0

I've been a Magic fan ever since Antiquities came out way back in the early 90's and over the years Wizards has tried with some success to introduce various electronic representations of it's product. Of all of them The Duels series has been, in my opinion, the most approachable. it has a nice clean interface that has worked well across multiple platforms and the yearly re-skin of it doesn't just look like another re-tread. Also with the price tag ($10) you get WAY more value for your money than...

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Almost there but still awesome 0

Street Fighter 4 is almost what I wanted it to be, almost. By now everyone has lauded all the great things that it does but there are some glaring issues that stick out related to the online service.First off, the online matching is pretty terrible. Your better off setting the system to get you a opponent while you play arcade mode than actually try to get a match manually. Secondly the matching service doesn't really seem to have any logic in how it picks your opponent. You can set it to simila...

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