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My time in the biz.

Apparently I'm forced to blog to get some easy XP...

Only thing I would probably want to share is my experience in the Game Industry.

Started off working in the QA department at Atari Interactve in Beverly, MA.
This was a very exciting time in my life getting my foot in the door in a quest towards my dream job.
The great minds at Atari took us all into a conference room a couple days after our Christmas/Holiday party and laid us all off.
Happy New Year!!

Soon after I landed a job in QA at Irrational Games Boston which was a great experience.
Worked on S.W.A.T 4 and even performed some cheering in a recording session for another title that had never been released.
Besides the normal bug hunting I was also able to assist the designers in weapon/map balancing as well.
I also had the pleasure of watching them dream up the concept for Bioshock.

Ken Lavine and all the other folks at Irrational are good, talented people... hopefully some day I can return!

After S.W.A.T 4 testing was complete my contract was up and I quickly found another job as an IT profesional which ruined a perfectly good hobby... ; )