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  • Fruitcocoa posted a message in the forum topic possible Sony PS5 leak. on the General Discussion board

    I really don't believe a single word of this, but imagine if it all were to be true. Like... it's hard to tell if it was written by a Sony fanboy or a Microsoft fanboy.

  • Fruitcocoa posted a message in the forum topic PS5 and XBOX Series: Can a techie explain! why the new systems are so cheap and powerful vs pc.. on the General Discussion board

    @justin258: And to add to this:Keep in mind the rise of digital sale. Microsoft selling games through their service and Sony through theirs makes them even more money now than before. There is no need...

  • Fruitcocoa posted a message on the post Episode 267.

    I was in my early teens when I discovered Ryan. I had just moved to a foreign country where I was very insecure. Listening to Ryan and the shows he hosted helped me get through the days, even though I...

  • Fruitcocoa posted a new blog.
    I stopped watching Twitch and started enjoying video games again.

    For the past two years it has been a struggle to come up with a year-end list of my favorite video games. I used to love making them and I am completely honest when I say that the struggle made me que...

  • Fruitcocoa posted a message in the forum topic What's your opinion on Bungie removing content?. on the Destiny 2 board

    I honestly can see both sides here but as someone who actually loves the lore of World of Warcraft and the feel of it being an actual world that is evolving – this is everything I ever hoped for. This...