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Endurance Run

So yes I admit an endurance run is in mind for me. Not that I'm trying to spoof off Giant Bomb it just seems like a fun thing to do with friends over summer vacationt to waste some time and have a shit load of laughs. What my plan to do was to get the slowest most terrible video game ever made that took forever to complete then get the 100% complete on it. Between me and my 3 friends who are going to do the endurance run we've picked out a couple really good.. Well bad.. Uhh we picked out some games that would be a good idea for it.  
 1. Shenmue 
          I just recently got my dreamcast back about 2 years ago and it came with this game. I once attempted to play it and got myself through about three hours of gameplay and all I accompolished was drinking some soda, getting a figurine, and talking to a little girl about her cat... This game was released with 4 discs and is beyond terrible.. A 3rd person kung-fu game for the dreamcast.. The day that actually sounds like fun is the day I kill myself.  

2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
       Ah yes how the harry potter games bring hate to the series from fans across the globe. I'm sad to say that I do in fact own this game for my PS2 and it is a PRIME contestant to be up for my little endurance run.. It's nothing but runnign around tapping square listening to fake ass British accents.. Shooting myself would be a very plausible situation after playing the game for hours on end/ 
3. AND OTHERS!!!  
      Some other choices were a Lord of the Rings game, Viva Pinata, Fable, Fallout 3 with expansions, Grand Theft Auto IV with both expansions, and more random annoying PS2 and Dreamcast games. 
All of these games would be played to 100% with no walk through or strategy guide. We're gonna go for a split run between me and someone else ad two other people alternating in between possibly 2 runs...