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Why So Serious? Because I'm so, so scared

Tim Burton's 1989 Batman was where my love of Batman stemmed from, thus when many moons ago a teaser image was released for TDK I was so pumped, and deservedly so because, simply put Heath ledger has stolen the iconoclastic nature of Nicholson's Joker and made it his own.

As I sat in the cinema I was simply amazed by how this actor had made a character seem so realistic, an actually possibility. TDK's Joker has not only  has method in his madness, but on some level almost makes you believe that what he's doing his right, and that he merely pushes the city into becoming a trainwreck. His persuasive techniques are amazing, and the fact is that this was obviously going to be a career defining role for Ledger. The Joker's swagger, his mannerisms, the pure look of insanity contrasted with calmness in his eyes makes him a memorable character, and takes TDK to the next level.

TDK exceeds at every instance, this is the Empire Strikes Back of the Batman universe, intensely gritty and dark, and with the one glimmer of hope which is Harvey Dent. When Aaron Eckhart was cast as Harvey Dent  doubt filled my mind, I had seen him in Thank You For Smoking  and thus was apprehensive about him taking on what should be a respectful and sombre character, yet he takes the mantle well and excels in his role.

There are many other success stories in TDK Bale is brilliant as previously, as are Caine, Oldman and Freeman. Maggie Gyllenhall's portrayal of Rachel Dawes is adequate, yet adequate is all it should be due to the fact that any deviations from Holmes' Dawes would have seemed out of place.

Most of the problems from the first Batman have been taken care of, better action direction and pacing, yet problems still remain, these include Nolan's love of action being displayed from a non-main character using stereotypical "amazed quip". However this problem and any others are made to seem insignificant by what seems to be an amazing concept, turned into a brilliant script, portrayed by excellent actors, who are at the end of it all directed astoundingly. As you can tell no amount of adjectives can represent  my love for this film, and it's stars. Batman remains the Dark Knight, Gotham's on and off hero, whilst the Joker is so frighteningly real and persuasive that he makes the movie his own. Yet the real story lies in Harvey Dent, as he transforms into Two Face and goes from hero to villain, Gotham's White Knight dragged down from his horse and through the mud by the maniacal jester.

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