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Robotron 2084 is still the best Dual stick shooter

Ok, so I've been playing Geometry Wars 2 a little bit now. It's great to see the genre revived and done so well, but I still can't help but feel that no dual stick shooter has yet surpassed the game that started it all, Robotron 2084.

Robotron is such a finely balanced game, it's possible to clear wave after wave with moderate skill, yet, you're always on the edge of death.

I have Robotron on XBLM, but that version is, for want of a better adjective, sucky. If that is the only version of the game you have played, I understand why you think my statement above is nonsensical.

Play this game on a cabinet, and you will, i think, see my point.


Sucking at Geometry Wars 2

It's great to see such a classic style of game undergo such a major resurgence.

I am a HUGE Robotron 2084 fan, and the revival of the dual stick shooter is a great thing. Robotron was a class above all its more simplistic arcade peers, and it's no suprise to me to see that it's gameplay mechanic has stood to the test of time.

Been enjoying all the new game styles in Geo Wars 2, though, I suck badly!


Great Start

Hello to anyone who's looking. Great to see Giantbomb fully launched.

I'll endeavor to contribute images, reviews, articles of itnterest and anything to the general wiki, as I can. Added my first content earlier today, simply awaiting moderation.

Recently been playing an obscene amount of Team Fortress 2 on PC. Awesome team FPS, with great social communities of players.

Catch me on the GTFO server forumsĀ  GTFO

Great start Jeff, Ryan, and All at GiantBomb