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Innovations perhaps outweighed by problems 0

Games with a license from a single car manufacturer have been a mainstay of the driving game genre ever since the original Lotus Esprit Challenge hit Amiga systems in the late eighties, and various other formats thereafter. Since then, Porsche Challenge on the Playstation, and F355 Challenge in the Arcade and on the Dreamcast, have both faired very well. Conversely, others such as Lamborghini 64 have been overtly mediocre. Now this sub-genre has come full circle with a new Lotus game. But despit...

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Video game fraud 0

Few games have ever been as hyped and anticipated as Rise of the Robots. It was supposed to represent a technological breakthrough, and an amazing achievement in games development. However, the only real achievement was in PR, as the entirety of gaming press and public were duped into believing this would represent the highest pinnacle of 16-bit gaming. This review was written concurrent with the release of RotR Anticipation and excitement; the emotions any player surely feels upon getting thei...

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Possibly the most important video game of all time 0

Nintendo’s 64 bit console may not have achieved the universal, record breaking success of Sony’s Playstation, but it can hardly be called a failure either. This relative success had little to do with the innumerate substandard third part games that appeared, but can be attributed to a small selection of Nintendo in-house titles that set the standards in gaming for years to come. Perhaps most high profile of these was launch title Super Mario 64. The game had to meet high expectations in light ...

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