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A unique experience 0

I dislike having to assign a final score to a "game" such as this one. Review scores are of course the classic compromise between an insightful description and a lack of time and/or patience on behalf of the reader. It's easy to argue that, despite the problems associated with distilling an entire experience into something as simple as a number, it generally a usable metric for how fun and entertaining an experience the product provided.Personally, I would not associate the word "fun" nor the wo...

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Comparison to Resident Evil 4 0

NOTICE: This review is comprised only of a direct comparison of handpicked elements between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5.  Let me briefly state that in general I find Resident Evil 4 to be an overall superior game when compared the latest installment. One exception should be noted, which is obviously the cooperative elements of RE5. All round the coop features of RE5 are an important addition, and if it were not for this feature my rating would drop to three or less stars.  That being sai...

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