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Fortune Smiles on the Honest

Settle yourself down and prepare yourself for a story of online shopping, bad customer supprt and a happy outcome?

So to start this story let me fill you in on the background. Around 6 weeks or so I decided that it was time for me to purchase a laptop, mostly becuase I live at 2 places and a PC isn't easy to move. Being a "gamer" I went to see what a good laptop with decent specs would cost me. I ended up choosing a Toshiba A300, a bag for my laptop and a mouse.

Off to the checkout, I fill out the payment information and choose collect on delivery since I dislike paying for something before I get it. Two days later I get the 2 letters saying that I have packages to collect at the post office. Now here's where it gets tricky.

Since I ordered "too much" for them to put it all in one box, they split it up between two boxes. Usually when the delivery consists of more than one box, all the other boxes get a price tag of 0.00 dollars and only one has the full price of the entire shipment. In my case box 1 would have 1700 dollars and box 2 have 0 dollars.

There was however... a small problem. Both the boxes had a price tag of 0.00 dollars. I of course pointed this out to the clerk and she was as confused as I was. After minutes of troubleshooting she was unable to find any errors in the system and seeing as it wasn't their concern they gave me the packages. Thats right, they basically let me walk out with 1700 dollars worth of goods without paying for it.

Now, I am an honest guy so seeing as there was obviously something wrong with the order I contacted the company's customer supprt to let them know what had happned. I waited 20 minutes in line, then gave the support-person my order number and explained that I had not payed for my laptop and that I quite frankly "Would like to pay for my purchase".

I was then met with a sour voice telling me that  "According to our system you have paid" and obviously thinking I was a loony. So after an intense battle I managed to convince him and he says "We will send you a bill ASAP". I hung up the phone and I was glad to have gotten this whole affair out of the way.

Here's the kicker, I have NOT gotten a bill and its been 5 weeks since I called.
So thanks to someone who messed up at the post office and bad customer support I have basically gotten a laptop for free.

Is this Karma or what?