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Reply to the IWnet "No Dedicated Servers"-deal and a huge rant



This turned into more of a why "PCs are better than your damn vidyahgahmesystahms!" old-man-rant . If you are however, bored and want to read a somewhat provocative piece, then please continue.

PC versus Console

I am and will most likely always be a PC "gamer". It doesn't just have to do with the extreme number of things you can use a computer for BESIDES gaming (No, not that kind of "stuff" you creepy dude/dudette) like chatting, working, purchasing or perhaps even listening to music. Sure, most if not all of these things can be done on the consoles. I cant deny that, but to what extent can you do that without being locked out? Since all consoles have a very basic level of settings and tweaks you can perform on it without breaking your warranty, would you really want to try?
Want to play an great .mkv video file on your PS3? Oh I'm sorry, cant help you. 
You want to chill to a sweet .flac music file? This is a 360, not jukebox.
 You've got cute images of your dog in .raw format and want to show them on a Wii? Good luck sir. 
Not to be all "And thats why PCs are the best! lolz" but all of the above issues can be solved on a PC. None of the actions work on a default Windows, Linux or Mac but with tuning, configuring, a bit of swearing and a  miracle from time to time, you can get most anything to work and that's without changing OS or modding the hardware. Now, I am sure there are solutions that can be used on the console but not all of them. And thats because Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo have placed you inside "their" world.
You are powerless to act. What if PSN suddenly cost a subscription fee? What if Xbox Live suddenly doubled in cost? What if Wii suddenly made the Friend Codes 5 times longer? Sure you can say "I wont play into your hands!" and end your subscription/usage of said console but you have already paid for it. Sure, Microsoft could set a subscription fee for Windows OSes but the difference is that there are many options when it comes down to choosing an OS. Some of which are free. 
You have a choice, to either pay or go another route but on a console, there's only one bridge and if that don't work, then you'd better get swimming. 
To be fair, PCs have a lot of weak points, A LOT, and since I don't want to favorize lets mention a few.
Weakness to viruses - You download installs, .zip files and much more from sometimes shady websites. Some users can avoid viruses but with a console its all protected by the "Gods" of the console marketplaces.
Easy to install - On a PC it can take a long time to install something with many stops along the way, on a console its usually just a click away. (Ad-campaign material? I scare myself sometimes).
Troublesome to develop for - With so many different set-ups and rigs its hard to know what specs to target for a game that's going to take 2 years to make. On a console you have the specs and you go with em.
More expensive - If you want to play the same games as a on console, on similar settings, you will most likely have to pay at least twice the price of any console.
Fair enough? Probably not but at least I tried. Now, on to the real subject:

Dedicated servers or Not?

Having play quite a fair bit of CoD 4 (Modern Warfare 1) on the PC I can't say that the server browser was ever a big trouble for me. Sure it could have used some tuning up but it was manageable. Now you are telling me that you are going replace it with a matchmaking service like Valve did with L4D? I don't like the sound of this...
I think that dedicated servers are a great way for the community to get involved in the game and raise the hype and awareness of it. Just look at Team Fortress 2 and its server browser. It has a good filter, a decent UI and it works. Then again I may just be one of those players who are picky about what map, what kind of server and what kind of ping (yes, only pr0s care) and the name and matchmaking doesn't really lead to the same social interactions. 
Have a favourite server you like to play on that has funny or cool people on it? Sorry, you have to add all of them for you to play with them. 


I think that the audience for the different services (Console and PC) have different needs and tastes and I also believe that trying to integrate the two groups is ludicrous. Let console gamers have their matchmaking and PC gamers their dedicated servers.
~Simon 'probably-going-to-buy-MW2-either-way' Grunditz