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Welcome to my "About Me" on my giantbomb page. Name's Trevor and I currently reside in Indiana. I'm way to into


(just look at that well written and deep page) and also golf. I haven't been gaming for too long at all. I'd say I got really into gaming my sophomore year of high school, so about three years. I'm a Sony fanboy, but not the "PS3 PWNS ALL SYSTEMS WAHHHHH!!!" That's lame. I respect others gaming preferences. Once I finish up my Associates in Retail Management, I'm going to other school to get my degree in Bowling Management. Also, I love golf.

FAAAAAACTS (stealing this awesome idea from another user):

  • I'm taswell on PSN. Not to be confused with Ryan's twitter account.
  • I'm the #1 authority of bowling on the site
  • I think Fallout 3 is the best game this gen.
  • I prefer the white layout on GB
  • I've worked at a bowling center for four years
  • I'm a freshman in college
  • I tweet from my BlackBerry.
  • Single... ladies.

Hit me up on PSN. I don't refuse a request. Just let me know you're from GB.

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