Yo. This Blog Smells Like a Vault.

Haven't done a real blog in what seems like forever so here's a good ole fashion run down on what I've been up to. Enjoy.  


Mafia II

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 I beat Mafia II sometime in the last two weeks (can't pinpoint the exact date) all I know is that it was on a Thursday. Kind of want to talk a little big more about it. I think it might be my favorite game of this year so far might spark your interest. I just really enjoyed the story. Some of the later missions were, shall I say, hard and kind of bad. The spike in difficultly left me perplexed. I hardly died during my whole 9hr play through, yet in the last three or four missions I'm just getting iced over and over again. But I won't let that distract me from a otherwise great time I had with Mafia II. The main characters, Vito and Joe, keep the story flowing nicely and makes for a great ride.  

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010

 Yeah I love golf. Not sure if you guys could ever tell or not. Golf games are a good time to make me think I'm actually really good at golf, my virtual self can do it
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amazingly well, but me. I shot 5s on par threes. After hating this game for some time, I blame it for being too real. (This is my first current gen golf game. The only one I played before this was Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005, which is still the best golf game ever in my mind). I like it when you can make impossible shots in a golf game, it makes it a tad more fun and overall crazy. But once I got the hang of it, I started having a blast with this game. I've had it for awhile now and have beaten two "seasons". On the third one, I'm trying to win every even in a single year. It's tough. I already have the in game trophy for winning every event once. But now I'm working on getting 100% on the challenges, and it's been brutal so far. But I'll definitely stick with it. I'm at 50% now I think. Plus, on Sunday's and in Majors Tiger is INSANELY hard to beat. God dammit.


 Yes, I'm still playing this game. Mostly with friends though. And when you get a mic it's a fun game, which is weird cause it's already so drug addiction like fun. Don't really have much to say about this one, other then yes, it's still awesome. 

BioShock 2

 When I say this, I mean the multiplayer. I've been playing it a lot, not as of late though, with my friend Danielle. I never really got into it at all when I had it back in July. In fact, I kind of hated the multiplayer :/ But when you play with a good friend, it makes it pretty damn awesome!! Except when you get put on different teams and stalk her like a ninja and kill her over and over again :3 Or you meet a kid like Greenx10 who asks every five mins "IS ANYBODY THERE!!". And has the worst connection ever so you can't shoot him. Prick. 


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  This is a fresh game for me so far. Just got it on Thursday. And I'm liking it a lot. The shooting feels very good, you get lots of goodies in which to murder monsters and Russian pricks. And the game is awesomely brutal. Shoot guy in head, blood spews out of his neck >:D. But the shooting does feel amazing, like I said. The assault rifle in this game, might be the best one I've ever used in the game. I'd rather much go with that and the shot gun over all the guns that work with E99. They aren't very good so far :/ But I'm loving the story, I mean it opens with the bad guy telling your character "You haven't aged a day in 50 years" (dramatic music). When the games picks up some momentum, it's one of the best games you'll play this year. But when it gets hard, it can be super frustrating.  


Social Network 

I saw this the Sunday after it came out, and we impressed by the 97 (at the time) Metacritic score, but like Uncharted 2, I had to think to myself whether it could live up to
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the hype. And the movie is pretty damn impeccable. Every scene, perfect. Every line delivered, perfect. Every performance, perfect. Jesse Eisenberg, who has been one of my favorite actors for quite a while now, KILLS it as Zuckerberg. It's his career defining role. When you see the movie you'll understand, it's hard to say how great he does in this movie. The little facial expressions he gives other actors sometimes says more then any line delivered in the movie. While it's a 2hr long movie, I want to watch it every damn day. For once a movie that, and lets be honest, everyone kind of hated on turned out to be one of the best films to come out in the past couple of years. 


I saw it last night. And I didn't like it. I'll just end it there. 
The End:  
I don't really know what else to say. School is cool I guess, it's getting stressful and tiring :( Hope you enjoyed my ranting :) 
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