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8-Bit Metroidvania Done Right 0

Infernax is a retro-inspired, 8-bit, side-scrolling action platformer. I’ll throw the phrase Metroidvania out there because it includes those elements, but the word on the internet is that this is the version of Castlevania II Simon’s Quest should have been, with a dash of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Personally, I’ve never played any of those old games. I started with a Super Nintendo (SNES) and those games were, unfortunately, never on my radar.After recently watching the...

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You'll Enjoy The Anime Way More 0

Gungrave is a video game I’ve always wanted to play; not because I heard it was a must-play game but because the Gungrave anime is one of my all-time favorites.It’s been years since I’ve watched the Gungrave anime, so I figured it would be fun to play the games before jumping back into the show.Published by Sega, developed by Red Entertainment, and created by Yashuhiro Nightow, the creator of Trigun, Gungrave was released on the Playstation 2 in the US on September 17, 2002.Ya...

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Why You Should Play Genshin Impact | A Free-To-Play Gem 0

If previously wrote Genshin Impact off as anime Breath of the Wild; I’m here to tell you to take another look. I’ve spent the last 30 days playing 2 accounts; my main PS4 account, where I spent some money and dabbled a bit with re-rolling characters on PC.I’m addicted & I have concluded that…Yes, you should play Genshin Impact!Why is this free-to-play game a gem? Let’s get into it.So what exactly is this game? Genshin Impact is a Free-To-Play Open-Worl...

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An Enjoyable Interactive Horror Story 0

My first video game of 2020! Just a few hours ago I saw the ending of Man of Medan, the first game in The Dark Pictures Anthology.Choices (Yup)I played with my girlfriend in what I guess we will call “boyfriend mode” where I control the game and the girlfriend calls out the decisions. (Man of Medan actually has couch co-op and online co-op options. With the latter, you can give a friend a free code to play with you online, pretty cool). This is actually our preferred way to play sim...

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Life Is Hella Strange 1

What an interesting little find this game (Episode 1) was. Since the first season of The Walking Dead from Telltale, I have fallen in love and been on the lookout for adventure games. Not quite ready to dig into some of those trial and error click-fests that are the old Lucas Arts and Sierra games that I could never beat as a child (Torin’s Passage, I’m looking at you); I recently fell in love with The Wolf Among Us, the first episode’s of Game of Thrones and Tales From The Bo...

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This collection is a lot of fun! 0

I've got to admit, this collection of Sega games has brought me a lot of fun (and achievements) in the last few days. I rented this off of GameFly but I moved over to the "Keep" option very quickly as it only cost me $12.16 after tax and my $5 discount (yes GameFly is awesome sometimes).   I myself have never owned a Sega Genesis, I was a Nintendo Kid who grew up with a SNES and a GameBoy. My Genesis gaming was set to Sonic 1 and 2, MIchael Jackson's Moonwalker s...

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