Totally Random stream of consciousness blog post

Hey guys,

My first blog post. I'm not sure what to do with the blog. I'm not sure if it should be just restricted to games or just whatever I want to talk about. I was thinking about reviewing games but i'm terrible at doing reviews so maybe they'll just be impressions but i've finished them so that doesn't make sense. IDK guys i guess i'll make some sort of hybrid between reviews/impressions since most of the games have already come out and people have already made up their minds about it. Whatever, i'll figure it out. I'm also not sure if I should name this blog or not. Is that what people do? I've seen some people name their blogs, while others don't. Anyway, I just finished three games over the holiday break and i think i'll review/impression those and i guess we'll see were it goes from there.

A little bit about me. Been a gamer for about twenty years now. My first game was the original super mario brothers on the nes. I remember owning all and playing the hell out of the super mario games on the nes as well as an absurd amount of time playing battletoads, double dragon, and contra. Now i mainly game on the ps3 and the pc. I tend to play rpgs and action adventure games. Not really that big into shooters but i do like a few like resistance and uncharted. Well i think I've rambled on for quite a while. Anyone who could give me any tips about the blog or the anything else would greatly appreciated.