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Is the PSP dead?

There has been a big push on the PSP front recently, with some big titles coming to the platform, but has it done enough to gain your interest? if not what should it do? 
 Will it ever be better than a DS/ is it better than a DS?  
general thoughts on the psp?


A new HUB area for xbox 360?

game room is a waste of time, waste of money, why not actually put in some decent arcade games?!  
got me thinking though..... they could design a new homepage similar to that design, maybe like a house, you can go to the lounge to play whatever game is in your disk drive, your parties avatars can chill out in the lounge with you, you could have a computer as a link to facebook/ twitter, stereo as a link to last fm, etc etc.. they could even incorporate a decent arcade section in the basement, it could be the decent xbox equivalent of HOME on the ps3!!  i think it could potentially be pretty awesome XD