2017: Games I've Played

This has been a pretty difficult year to play games. Being a parent for the first time is amazing, but it certainly doesn't leave time for video games. In my spare time, there are so many nights where it's so much easier to binge on Netflix rather than doing something more involved.

In addition to the list, here are games I plan on playing soon but I haven't been able to start yet.

  • Destiny 2

Games of the Year 2017 (tentative)

Expect this to change in the next few weeks as I work through my backlog. I'm no longer including repeats in this list and will move it to honorable mentions, but older unplayed games are still eligible!

  1. Super Mario Odyssey
  2. Shadow of Mordor
  3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  4. Super Hot VR
  5. Lone Echo
  6. What Remains of Edith Finch
  7. The Climb
  8. Forza Motorsport 7
  9. Mass Effect Andromeda
  10. Night in the Woods

Honourable Mentions

  1. Elite Dangerous :D
  2. Mass Effect 1 and 2

List items

  • Yes, Mass Effect 1. With all the excitement about a new Mass Effect coming this year (with Andromeda), I got it in my head that I should play Mass Effect 1 through again on PC and see how it holds up in 4k.

    This game is amazing... even though I tried to skip over some of the more tedious parts (the Mako specifically), I think I clocked over 35 hours during my playthrough.

  • The first actual "game" I've finished in VR. It was frickin' amazing, I felt like Neo in the Matrix. Also, I loved the Amiga-ish computers in "real" life... excellent touch.


  • A few years ago, I did ALOT of climbing at the indoor gyms in my hometown. Due to some health issues, it's been hard to return to it, and I miss it alot.

    The Climb scratches the itch. I've played through all the maps on all the difficult levels, and I'd honestly just love more. Even a couple of months later, I'm still jumping in to play. It just scratches that itch that much.

  • Yes of course Elite is on this list. :D

  • Breath of the Wild is the return-to-form that Zelda games have needed for awhile. Who cares about hours of dialog and setup when we just want to get to work saving the world?

    And get to work Breath of the Wild does. Thrown in the world, it's up to you how to progress, making it a very challenging game, especially for a recent LoZ title.

    I do have complaints. I would have really liked to see (slightly) more story and cutscenes, particularly the ending which seemed over in a flash. Also, the forced stealth missions through the ninja camp feel completely out of place, especially since the focus on open-ended gameplay was very much the right choice.

    Fantastic game.

  • This game is still amazing... the PC version is pretty decent! One of the best games of all time. It was my pleasure to replay it.

  • [MENTION] So, this is a weird game for this list. I didn't play through ME3, but I tried. This particular version is a mess; UI scaling is NOT supported, so playing it on a 4K display at native res is a futile effort. That's really weird since ME1 and ME2 run so well.

    I really wish EA would revisit these games at some point and give them a HD makeover, but I highly doubt that will ever happen.

  • I think I came into Andromeda in a different mindset than most reviews, most likely because of timing. I waited some time (until patch 1.07), when most of the major bugs were gone.

    I enjoyed my time. The combat was enjoyable. The story was generally ok. The last mission was awesome.

    But you can tell it was a rushed game.

    The most egregious thing I can say about this game is that it doesn't respect the time of the player. I played for 70 hours, but looking back, I think only 50 hours were actually fun. The rest was waiting in animations, now mostly skippable, weren't previously. I can't imagine having played this game before the patch. This game needed an editing pass.

  • I feel like I've played some amazing games this year. Edith Finch is one of them. The tale of her world and family is engrossing, and even months after -- I had forgotten to put this on my list -- I still remember the monster arm going after sailors and the video game/fish beheading section. A very well executed story with gameplay that fits.

  • Pffft... Lone Echo wasn't even on my radar until I saw that the Echo Arena beta was on. I didn't even realize they were related!

    Lone Echo -- the single player -- is fantastic. Movement is always a problem in VR games, yet here is a VR game that does it better than any other. It sidesteps the issue by moving everything to zero-g, and it's better off for it. It's just so damn satisfying moving around the environment.

    My only major complaint is that isn't always clear what you need to do, and there was at least one time when I wasn't sure what/where to look for something. A (limited) help mechanic would be welcome.

    Another damn fine VR game.

  • [PARTIAL] Oh man, I appreciate the gameplay of Doom -- it's everything a reboot should be -- but I can't play twitch shooters anymore. Unfortunately they're just way too stressful for me. I've played up to returning from Hell for the first time, but I don't think that I'll end up playing anymore.

  • [PARTIAL] MEH. I played through the first handful of missions and could have cared less. Not my thing. I'm actually sorry that I bought this.

  • I've played a decent amount of FM7 on PC at 4k. What a great looking game, and at least with a controller, it plays exceptionally. I love the progression/story path, with the exception of the ridiculous loot boxes that permeate this game.

    Even with that said, I'm hoping in the new year to get a racing setup and to play alot more of this.

  • I have a weird relationship with SoM, a game that I've mentioned that's been on my to-play list since _2014_. Back then I bought and played a couple of hours on PS4 , but with work and multiple moves, I didn't get a chance to play it when my PS4 was packed in a box. I even bought it again on PC meaning to play it, but got lost in the back burner.

    As I've been staying home to look after our little one, I thought I'd start a game in my ever-growing list of games I haven't played, particularly something that I could pick up, make some progress on, and pause or put down if I needed to. SoM looked like a perfect fit.

    Hot damn, what a game. Although the story and nemesis system didn't really jive with me during the first half, once I got the abilities to (combat/stealth) brand enemies and instantly mount caragors and graugs, the gameplay suddenly clicked. I strategized to brand the warchiefs, taking over their ranks. Even though I didn't gain every ability or upgrade, I felt like a god by the end of the game, steam-rolling through the last few missions. I can't even imagine how powerful Talion would feel if I took the time to level him up.

    There are some complaints. The main story (particular the story missions) are a bit weak, but it just helps frame the gameplay anyways.

    I can't believe I left it in the hopper so long. This is a strong contender for my personal Game of the Year, I just wish I would have started it a long time ago!

  • OH MY GOD. This is easily the best game of 2017. Even crazier, I think SMO might actually replace SMB3 as my favorite Mario game.

    Don't get me wrong, I love SMB3. It took SMB1 and added a hook (suits) that added so much variety to the core gameplay.

    SMO does something similar with Super Mario 64. SM64 was always more about exploration than left-to-right platforming. Cappy's possession hook just adds so much variety to the gameplay, and does it with such craziness (e.g. New Donk City, the moon, possessing a T-Rex and a Christmas Tree) that you can't help but want to see what else you can find and do.

    I know I can find a fault even in things I love, but I honestly can't say anything negative about this game.

  • I wanted to like NitW more than I did. I loved the art style and characters. The moments between characters is perhaps the best I've ever seen done in a video game.

    In the end though, there was just too many faults. The repetition, although core to the getting the point across about the small-town experience, became grating half way through the story. Even worse, the story seemed to go completely off the rails in the end. Like Andromeda, this game needed some editing.