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Short but very very sweet 0

This is a game that really takes you for an emotional ride. The experience only last for about 3 - 4 hours, but its very engaging, and I was tearing up by the end of the game.The first game that I was reminded of while playing through Brothers is Journey for the PS3. It has fantastic art direction, is short, has a similar feel and gameplay, and really packs the same kind of emotional punch. This game is not co-op. You control each of the brothers with one of the analog sticks. Each of the b...

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Tedious after a while, but the story and events are interesting 0

I just finished getting all the achievements in this game after picking it up during the Steam Summer sale. The first play through was really entertaining, but by the end of my third play through it was pretty tedious. I played through the game 3 times and spent about 13 hours with itYou play as a border control checkpoint worker for the country of Arztotska, and Sovietesque dictatorship with an oppressive government. There is a revolutionary group named EZIZ opposed to the current Arztotska...

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Pleasantly Surprised 0

I picked this up during the Steam Summer Sale for a few dollars. I thought it was a cool idea for a game, and I always liked Sim/Strategy games so I quickly installed it and tried it out after buying. I clocked in about 18 hours, and got most of the achievements over the next few days.You start off in a garage making basic text games, and you're always trying to release games that garner good review scores in order to make more money. Good review scores get you more "fans" too which help your...

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