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Pleasantly Surprised

I picked this up during the Steam Summer Sale for a few dollars. I thought it was a cool idea for a game, and I always liked Sim/Strategy games so I quickly installed it and tried it out after buying. I clocked in about 18 hours, and got most of the achievements over the next few days.

You start off in a garage making basic text games, and you're always trying to release games that garner good review scores in order to make more money. Good review scores get you more "fans" too which help your games sell better, but if you make badly reviewed games, you'll lose some fans too. You also get research points throughout that game, which can be spent on new topics and features for games. There is a constant sense of wanting to progress, to develop a monster engine and get that next hit game to really bring in the cash.

After making your first million dollars, you can move into a small office, and after that (at 20 million I think) you can move into a bigger office. The game spans a time period of 35 years, and one of the coolest parts about it is its recapping of video game history as you move through the game. At Year 3 you may be making games for the original NES, but by year 25 or so the PS3 and XBox 360 are the systems dujour. If you have enough money later in the game, you can even develop your own game console.

I ended up playing through this twice, and enjoyed it both times. I recommend it if you like these types of games, especially if you are a video game "historian" of sorts.

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