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  • Like Oblivion did before and Morrowind before that. Now Skyrim doesn't seem to stop and amaze me. If I had to choose one game out of the top 10 to safe from a fire, this would be the one.

  • I waited and waited and waited after which I waited some more. Got disappointed over and over after every trip to the mailbox and/or local game provider. Till the day came when all the waiting came to and end. That day will for ever been know as the: Oh-my-god-this-game-is-so-much-better-than-expected-they-frikn-pulled-it-off-this-was-so-worth-the-wait-this-game-is-awesome-batman day.

  • Ah, the proof that only moving forward without looking back isn't always the best solution. As genres get tweaked and fused with other genres it's sometimes hard to stay true to the experience that a certain genre must bring across. But this game has no identity crisis whatsoever, it knows what it needs to do and it does it well. I'll trade any past and upcoming splinter cell for more of this without any hesitation. Yes, I went there... what!?

  • Amazing! For the first time the option of playing in black and white actually pays off. I wasn't playing a game, I was in a movie. This is as close u can get to "an experience" when talking about games as far I'm concerned.

  • This is a game that just earned it's spot hands down in this list. Guess this proves that size doesn't matter after all. A great idea became an amazing experience.

  • Not much to say about this game but "more for the same". Just enough tweaked to make it different enough to keep me busy for a while. And damn I don't know for sure if "action-packed" will cut it as description for what happened in the single player. Till this day I'm not sure if I'll fully recover mentally from what I've been trough... I've seen this man.... things, I tell u!

  • A patch and a bandage later and it run as smooth like a tank trough a brick wall and brings me right back to the glory days of Battlefield 2. And yes even the console version does...

  • The story was just a blast to play which fits seamlessly with the rest. And not being the biggest fan of the online part I must say that horde mode kept me busy enough to make a difference.

  • And again one of the most underrated games of the year. Can't say much more than that my expectations where answered and more. The fact I regularly needed to change my underpants while playing this was definitely proof of that.

  • While simple but @ times frustrating this game adopts the right ingredients to make it fun enough to give it one more go.