Thailand bands GTA

Recently Thailand band GTA, after a 19 year old adult stole a taxi and knifed the driver then gave the police the excuse that he saw it on GTA and wanted to see if it was really that easy.

Well I say then we need to get rid of Super Mario too, heres why:

Excuses given that relate back to Mario Bros:

"honest officer I ate those shrooms because I wanted to get big like mario"
"but officer, mario broke into that girls house, killed her family, kidnapped her, and THEY lived happily ever after"
"but officer, I saw all that money in the bank and thought it was a room full of free coins I had to get to and get the free money, and those people, well I thought they were like koopas so I bashed there heads like mario."
"but officer mario stole luigis money and everthing was ok, why isnt my brother getting back up after I jumped on his head"

So, do we blame the games, or do we put the blame on the person, especially an adult.