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It's hunting... 0

Cabela’s North American Adventures is a hunting game… nothing more I can say about it—it’s a hunting game where you take pretty pictures of pretty animals whilst they loath and squander about the landscape… your rifle ready and willing to put a bullet through its head before it has a clue of what to say about you. This game isn’t great… nor is it terribly tense; if you did buy this game, you either did it for two reasons… one, achievement whoring (yeah, I know what you did there…) or you really ...

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Here comes STALKER's cousin... 0

  Metro 2033 is like STALKER's cousin, the hot one yes... yet far from perfect. It is an atmospheric adventure through the dark tomes of the Russian public as they descend into a world of madness caused by the nuclear holocaust on the surface above. This atmospheric thrill ride is extremely intriguing while it lasts, but  there are a few glaring technical problems, story elements and odd engine errors that hamper the experience. This game isn't crippled at all by the bugs, but the gam...

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Supreme Commander... without the complexity and strategy. 3

 Remember the first SupCom? Remember how big and massive the game used to be? Gargantuan battles that made a difference, air fights with fleets the size of Washington to Chicago, and maps that dwarfed any strategy game to date? Well, the sequel gets all that in spades... but what is the game missing that disappoints the average SupCom fan? The story starts you off after the events of Forged Alliance--thirty or so years of peace then the president of the union gets shot. After that you take...

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Dawn of War is back, but was it worth the wait? The Answer... YES 0

Warhammer, its been Relic's flagship game for almost 3 years or so, it would make sense to make a sequel to that wildly popular game, and that is by god what they did. They took what Dawn of War had, threw it out to concentrate on namely the series trademark, the gritty, bloodthirsty combat. Gameplay has changed dramatically, it took all the building aspects of Warhammer and replaced it with a tactical managment type of combat, this is a great change of pace for this game, since the combat was ...

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The Definitive version of Stalker! 2

STALKER Was a great game when it came out, it had everything, atmosphere, storyline, and graphics, now STALKER Clear Sky comes out, now the question arises, was it worth the wait? Well guess what, it was, this is again the most atmospheric game created so far, but unfortunately it is marred with alot of technical problems that will hamper the experience, but if you are able to look past the bugs of this fabulous game, then I say stop reading now and get it.STALKER starts you off as a mercenary n...

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A great end to the Halo Series! 0

Halo 3, the biggest game to hit in 2007, Now every 360 owned got there hands on this, but the big question was, was it worth it? Well, in my eyes, it was worth it, A story that satisfied, yet left it wide open to a sequel, and the multplayer that will last you for months. The story continues right after Halo 2, so it fits very well, in fact, the story is great, cause it sucks you in, but to understand it, you need to go back and play the originals, The story in the end though might leave you wa...

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A game that will knock your block off in story telling! 0

Bioware has hit a home run with its Space Age RPG called, Mass Effect. A politically charged Storyline with Real time Combat, this is probably going to end up in everyones christmas stockings this year. Story starts you out as a Space Marine, a member of the alliance military, The main quest is very good, but it is pretty bad in the way its pretty short, but thats only if you concentrate on the main quest, and not do the side quests, there are a good number of side quests you can embark on whic...

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To fantastic for words to convey! 0

Mass Effect, the hottest game to come out on the 360 finally comes out for the pc, the first question in everyone's minds is that is the game going to be that good? Well the fact is that it is worth buying for anyone out there. Gameplay wise, its essentially the same as the 360 version, but with a few tweaks for the pc market, such as the obvious mouse and keyboard setup, and hud interface which gives you the power to order your individual troops around. The boys at bioware went into alot of tr...

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Carpel Tunnel, here I come! 0

Chris Taylor, the famous designer of many games like Total Annihilation, Dungeon Siege, and recently Supreme Commander tries to design an original RPG, it works, but the flaws within the game are quite maddening in there own respect that it might chase away the average gamer. Story goes is that man has gone out to the farthest lengths of the universe to colonize the universe, to see what treats god had in store for them, but yes, Aliens started to attack Human Colonies, Humans retreated, the Al...

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Not great, but still dam fun. 0

Mercenaries is the latest game from Pandemic Studios, the makers of the Battlefront, Full Spectrum Warriors series, while they are a very talented team, this game doesn't hold up as well as Battlefront per say, but it is sure dam fun to play. Mercenaries starts you off choosing which mercenary you want to play, while they don't play much differently, they have only 1 thing that makes each of them unique, mainly one runs faster, one can heal faster, and one carries more ammo, now there back stor...

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A serviceable shooter that doesn't reinvent the genre. 0

Timeshift is the newest thing from Saber Interactive, the studio that developed the famous Will Rock game in 2003, this is the new thing there doing, a time changing, heavily scripted shooter. The Story is terrible, its hard to figure out whats going on, you are the "beta suit" in this lab, some crazy bald ass guy runs off with the "alpha suit" kills everyone in this building, which I don't understand at all, this pre-rendered scene is decent as best, but doesn't tell you who you are, or what i...

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A diamond in the rough so-to-speak. 0

Clive Barker Jericho is a horror themed first person shooter—not much else to say about. There are some squad mechanics if that means anything to anyone… there is some gore, there is some more shooting… there is nothing of this game that I can justify in saying that it’s groundbreaking as this game is so mediocre… it almost seems a tad bit funny. From the famed Clive Barker, this game is a very mediocre game but it looks pretty and that’s all there is to it. The art design is impeccable, the sto...

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Review of World in Conflict. 0

This is a game that took RTS games, and mixed in battlefield for good measure, this game is absolutely fast, and actually puts more "strategy" into the game than most other Real time Tactical/strategy games out there. The games strategy really depends on the role, and your teammates, if you have bad teammates that don't coordinate very well, or don't know how to play necessarily, then you are going to loose indefinitely, this is a game where you need to depend on your teammates. The gameplay i...

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