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A great end to the Halo Series!

Halo 3, the biggest game to hit in 2007, Now every 360 owned got there hands on this, but the big question was, was it worth it? Well, in my eyes, it was worth it, A story that satisfied, yet left it wide open to a sequel, and the multplayer that will last you for months.

The story continues right after Halo 2, so it fits very well, in fact, the story is great, cause it sucks you in, but to understand it, you need to go back and play the originals, The story in the end though might leave you wanting more, Not to spoil anything, but in ways, it leaves the game open for a sequel. The game tries to introduce the story to newcomers, but it doesn't give a clear sense of who is who for beginners, I played the originals so I knew what was going, but for the rest of the new 360 players, it might leave them stuck in a rut.

The A.I in the game is sub-par at best, it doesn't hold up so well since they aren't the smartest in the world, compared to Call of Duty 4, F.E.A.R., or even Max Payne, both games had great AI, compared to this game, not so much... Not saying they aren't smart, cause they do take cover, they won't stand in the open and wait for you to shoot them, the grunts in the game though, are the most annoyingly stupid, the smartest thing they do is throw grenades, or suicide bomb, that is it.

(Note: Cortana had an extreme sexual make-over, this made looking at her very, very unerving, so if I were you, keep your head up and looking at her eyes...)

Graphically, this is a good looking game, but not good, as said before, compared to Games using the Unreal Engine, it doesn't have the fidelity so-to-speak, but its hold up very well with a smooth framerate no matter where you are in the game. The lighting and texturing though are done remarkably, they are probably the best of the Engine, and possibly the Particle effects. The outdoor environments stood out the most in the game, while the particle effects still hold number one spot, the environments feel alive, and they look fairly realistc, a big open environment counts for limitless tactical considerations.

The Sound in the Game is, like all Halo games, done very well, the Weapon effects are done without a doubt, Very good, and feel right, the Music hits the spot from action, to emotional, and the voice acting feel great, all the voice acting feels fantastic, emotions fill the scene, the music helps drive the cut-scenes in the game, if it weren't for the emotional voice acting and the atmospheric music to fill the scenes, I would have never paid any attentiong to them, or not as much attention to the scene as I would have with the sound.

The Design of the game isn't special, if you played the original Halo's, you'll understand what I am talking about, the only thing they added that feels new is the new gadget feature, they have a series of gadgets, but maybe only 2-5 of them are useful, the mine and the shield are probably the ones that you will be using most often, the weapons of the game are basically all the halo's combined, you got your battle rifle, and assault rifle back, and the exclusive pc content weapns, the fuel rod cannon, and the flamethrower.

Multiplayer, while good, it can get old pretty quickly, it fun at first, but once you get the hang of your tactics, it gets a little repetitive, mainly cause you are usually doing the same thing over and over again, the reason I stopped playing is because of kids, little sacks of excrement that scream at the top of there lungs to make fun of you, personally if I hadn't sold it, I would be deaf in one ear, in Halo 3's multiplayer, I guess its safe to say that its a one tactic affair. The greatest game mode in the multiplayer though is forge, a map editor per-say, you can create "gametypes" of some sort in this mode, you can spawn anything in the map and use it for recreational purposes, another cool feature is the inclusion of 4 player coop, this is great fun, experiencing the singleplayer with 4 friends, this made playing the singleplayer over and over worth while, this game makes for a good party game, guarenteed.

Halo 3 is a good game over all, but the small AI problems, the lack of tactical options in multiplayer (the base-line tactic, shoot, hit, kill) or (Snipe from the back of the level) and with the kids slowly infecting this games multiplayer suite, this game would have achieved a personal victory in my books, however this will appeal to halo fans alike, but new comers might need a guide of some sort to get you in line with the games story.

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