Best of 2007

My favorite games of 2007.

List items

  • A game that could almost make you feel and care. Great shooting, graphics, and powers too. The flooding hallway sequences was amazing.

  • Amazing game, the depth of story that you contributed to was astonishing. The actual gameplay was a little rough and the items/loot was lacking. Overall mind blowing!

  • I loved this game, I played my PSP so much when this came out. Great puzzle system and the RPG layered on top was brilliant.

  • It's been a while since I've played a Zelda game, I really enjoyed this one. Probably the best real game I've ever played on the DS, great controls.

  • Mind blowing puzzle game, had some real 'ah' moments when things clicked and made sense. Cool world/story too.

  • I've never really taken the war game FPS that serious, but the campaign of this game was amazing, so over the top and so many cool sequences.

  • I played this game so much I can't believe it. My PSP was always with me and I was always grinding gear and levels. The story and characters are charming. The near infinite ability to grind new characters, improve items, etc almost broke me. This game is the crack cocaine of stats based turn-based RPGs.

  • I enjoyed the game it looked great and had a solid story. Just didn't feel as shockingly amazing as Halo was back in the Xbox 1 days.

  • Even though I kind of feel like now I'm done with Guitar Hero games, I still had a ton of fun with this game and the tracks.

  • The first game I finished and really enjoyed on PS3. Amazing cut-scenes and animation. Fun combat.