Best of 2008

These are my favorite games of 2008

List items

  • Spent much time with this. Still love it.

  • Amazing look, great campaign and HORDE MODE!

  • Not really into anime anymore, but this game grabbed a hold of me, loved the art, the story, and the weird realtime/strategy hybrid gameplay.

  • Great new take on survival horror. Nice controls vs Resident Evil.

  • Cool game, the world felt amazing. The game however had too much tedium and difficulty wasn't balanced well. Couldn't finish.

  • One of the best intros I've seen in a game. I think they took a few mis-steps with this game, but I still really enjoyed it overall.

  • Awesome game, and really cool leaderboard chase with friends thrown right in your face at the start of the game.

  • Not the best, but the story, graphics and action were all great.

  • Lots of fun coop with this game. Killing zombies is fun, even if the reactions and graphics aren't the best.

  • Amazing concept and execution on build your own game. The single player game itself was ok. I wish I had more time to mess around with the creation aspect.