Best of 2007 Top 10

Top 10 Games of 2007. Originally did my list from my end of the year podcast in 2007, now revised to included far better games from the year I have played since in 2014. Original list entries no longer on the list include Flatout: Ultimate Carnage (2007 Rank #10), Bomberman Live (2007 Rank #9), Madden NFL '08 (2007 Rank: #8), FirePro Wrestling Returns (2007 Rank: #7), Shadownrun (2007 Rank: #6), Pinball FX (2007 Rank: #5) .

List items

  • Bungie beautifully wrapped up the main trilogy story arc, and redeemed itself for the awful cliffhanger from Halo 2. It finally delivered on four player online coop for the campaign, which resulted in me playing through it several times with many friends in various difficulty/skull combinations. The CoD4 multiplayer craze did not consume me, so I stuck by playing Halo 3 multiplayer somewhat consistently for the better part of a year and a half. (Original rank: #1)

  • When I originally made this list at the end of 2007 this was my #2, and while in 2014 I am more or less done with music games, for one whole year me and a few friends had almost weekly jam sessions in Rock Band until the sequel came out. And those were great memories that will leave it in this position many years later. (Original rank: #2)

  • This DS gem slipped by a lot of radars, but this film noir story with a fantastic cast of characters had me reeled in from beginning to end. Throw in that vintage "Take on Me" music video for a memorable graphics palette, and a thrilling crime/mystery taking place in a mysterious hotel with its fair share of secrets, and yeah, this was a no-brainer for one of the top three games of 2007. (Not originally ranked)

  • If you cannot tell by my top 10 so far, I am big on narratives, and BioShock had an oh so memorable one, with probably the best atmosphere and gorgeous looking level designs of the year. Top it off with its unique style of FPS gun play and mix in its unique plasmid powers to make it a one of a kind FPS. (Not originally ranked)

  • Within a half an hour I already new this game was Top 10 material, and its then all-star production values and cover based shooting made it stand out among the year's best. Glad to see new brands in the 2000s like Uncharted and National Treasure prove that Indiana Jones-esque historical adventures can still be a proven commodity! (Not originally ranked)

  • The end of Phoenix's trilogy on the DS featured four cases that rotated from the past with Phoenix's mentor Mia and went hand in hand with Phoenix's cases in the present. I am a sucker for this series' zany cast and adorable animations, and when you are cross examining a walkie talkie on the witness stand that is sweating acid/oil when it is under pressure, well then you guarantee a spot on my top 10 list for the year. (Not originally ranked)

  • The story was practically nonexistent, but that did not matter, as hunting down orbs and using crazy superpowers with friends online made Crackdown that classic that it was. It also had great use of achievements which encouraged me to play the game in awesome ways I never thought of like trying to climb the tallest structure in the game and survive a free fall from the top of it, and using rocket launchers to keep a vehicle in the air for a set amount of time. (Original Rank: #3)

  • Its menu/inventory system and core combat gameplay was a little rough around the edges, but you can see the foundation for an awesome sci-fi trilogy it would eventually become. The story and the all important choices that BioWare forces upon you and carry over into the sequels are what makes this game stand the test of time. It is also the only game series which caused me to stay up to date on all their novels, as of 2014 I have read all four Mass Effect novels. (Not originally ranked)

  • One of the few Japenese RPGs I have ever completed. The story was kind of bonkers to a fault, but I am a huge fan of its battle system. Eternal Sonata was one of the few games to hit that sweet challenging, but fair balance that had me coming back trying new techniques and strategies instead of running away. Make sure to YouTube the post credits bonus video to see the craziness that some developer snuck in on their last day. (Original rank: #4)

  • The multiplayer did not grab me like it did for many others, but I will not deny the influence it had on almost all other shooter going forward. I absolutely loved its then unmatched production values for its single player campaign which featured a couple landmark moments from this last console generation. (Not originally ranked)