Best of 2006 Top 10

Gruel's Top 10 Disc Based Games for 2006. Originally did my list from my end of the year podcast in 2006, now revised to included far better games from the year I have played since in 2014. Original list candidates no longer on the list include TOCA Race Driver 3 (2006 Rank #10) and Tony Hawk's Project 8 (2006 Rank #8).

List items

  • The Modern Day Adventure is my new favorite genre of games, and Dreamfall continues that tradition where Indigo Prophecy left off in 2005. Like it, Dreamfall is all about its story, and having excellent storytelling doesn't hurt either. The journey of Zoe Castillo is one that should be played by all gamers. I love the world and its cast of characters, and am anticipating the Dreamfall Chapters sequel that is coming soon! (2006 rank: #1)

  • It took me five years to get the 1000 Gamerscore, but it was worth it! Love all the 100 hours I spent throughout! Was really close to giving this #1, but closing all those Oblivion gates at the end got to be a little bit of a chore which led to me taking advantage of the dupe glitch for invisibility and health potions in order to get through them. (2006 rank: #7)

  • I was in the same boat that everyone thought that this would be another generic GTA-clone, but to my surprise it turns out to equal it, if not surpass it on many levels. (2006 rank: #3)

  • All these years later I look back at what a stand out first installment the original Gears was. Great campaign for its time with flawless drop in and drop out online coop, and easy and fun to learn gameplay that really popularized the cover based 3rd person shooter genre. (2006 rank: #2)

  • Before Guitar Hero got to be a played out fad, in 2006, Guitar Hero mania was running wild, and there were many countless nights we would spend rocking out, which resulted in this high rank. (2006 rank: #4)

  • It took me restarting this game five times over in the span of a few years to finally beat it, but I loved it! The cast and story is far superior than the X-Men Legends games before it, and the Ultimate Alliance sequel after it. (Not ranked in 2006)

  • Very accessible, explosion-filled GTA clone that I instantly l fell in love with, and spent many hours on exploring this huge world. (2006 rank: #9)

  • Awesome new IP from Insomniac. Loved the narrative for this Resistance being set in a alternate reality in 1948 where WWII never took a place. It was refreshing again to have an FPS with unlimited weapons again at your disposal. (Not ranked in 206)

  • THQ and Yukes team up for another yearly installment of my favorite addiction, what can I say, I am a sucker for my wrestling games. (2006 rank: #6)

  • Tetris is my all time favorite puzzle game. Throw in awesome Nintendo-character themes, and 8 player multiplayer and you got the best multiplayer experience in a puzzle game ever. (2006 rank: #5)