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Getting to the end of the year

Well, the school year that is. I've almost wrapped up my first year as a teacher (high school math). Like with any job, there are good things, bad things, and great things. As bad as the bad can get, nothing is more satisfying than watching a kid realize that he or she can do problems they had no clue about just a few minutes ago. Ultra satisfying job...well, after one year at least. haha 


It's been a while

I don't know why, but after I was all over this site for about a month after the 'official' launch, I stopped coming to the physical site. I would instead get the podcasts via the Zune player, and read reviews via RSS feeds.  Well, that all changed when I heard about the Endurance Run...and boy am I happy I came back.  This site is amazing.  Not only is the Endurance Run one of the funniest things I've ever seen, but the forums are awesome.  Most of the topics are good reads for either humor or information, but I've noticed that MOST of the time people don't treat you like you're a dummy just because I don't know everything about everything ever made in the history of the world...ever.  In short, I'm back, bayba! (Yeah, I was here, jerks)