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and to think I said it was pointless

Perhaps this was the year I bought most downloadable of them all. If I'm not mistaken two 4000 Microsoft points were used, roughly 80 bucks (I still have points). I bought COD 4 variety map pack, Halo 3 legendary map pack, Braid, Castle Crashers, Bionic Commando Rearmed, Megaman 9, Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. All good purchases in my opinion.

As I write this I couldn't believe the amount of stuff I boght I was very relutant to buy anything off MS marketplace. I just hope developers don't use DLC as an excuse to put out mediocre games and then release an add-on that costs 800-1600 microsoft points. I think games like Braid, Bionic Commando, Megaman are great ideas, but when you take the EA route, and charge for in-game upgrades (NFS: Undercover), DLC becomes a medium to rip-off users.


Dusting the Keyboard

A few days have passed since my latest blog entry. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to write a few stories of my everyday life but college is quite exhaustive. I'm back to my old friends: calculus and physics. When you combine the two the amount of time left is pretty much laughable. Without taking into account the

Take A Look At This Monster.
Take A Look At This Monster.
other 4 subjects I'm talking. So as any other guy who enjoys playing video games (Personally I don't like the term "Gamer") I've devoted my spare time to games. Recently I bought Braid: everything the press said, true. The game is quite immersive and the time manipulation mechanic works perfectly so perfect I want to use it in my everyday life, especially when solving math problems. Rewinding time beats the hell out of erasing.


Tim I envy Thee.
Tim I envy Thee.
 Back to Braid, some of the puzzles found on the game are way too difficult but after a few minutes of quite reasoning everything falls into its place. I enjoyed picking up every single puzzle piece -the stars are a whole blog entry-, yes; I finished the game and find all the conspiracies surrounding the Manhattan Project quite interesting. Also I've been playing GWRE, CoD 4, GTA IV, Brawl and Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. Oh, I played The Force Unleashed demo and think there is room for improvement, the apprentice doesn't feel like a character it’s more like a  moving block , at least that's the feeling I get when he 's slashing down his enemies, there is no emotion, but maybe that's just me nitpicking.

 I hope this week I have more free time as next week I start exams and not much time left to play or visit the site when you’re dealing with multiple integrals. Apart from that nothing interesting has happened in my life. Apart from the fact that I'm still bummed at the Olympics, don't get me wrong I like China and all but I think some of the events were tweaked towards China's benefit. 

See You Around,



Aww Man

I wish I could go, but I started college again so no way I'm going,  next year I'll give it a go. Hope you guys have fun.


I'm sorry but it has to be the Hedgehog.

After seeing his 3-D rendered version, Sonic took a turn for the worse, the first game was awesome but then something happened. It wasn't the same Sonic Team of past years or their pay-check got severed I don't know, maybe Sonic Unleashed will bring glory once again to the franchise although I'm not sure about the werewolf mechanics...


Forums and freedom of speech

So I was having a normal afternoon here a GianBomb until one guy really got to my nerves, perhaps you've heard of him: Scousers_ARE_SCUM, there is no reasoning with this guy. MB who's a mod creates a post on some simple but yet useful rules on how to make posts, and the guy goes and bashes everyone who agrees with him, I don't understand where people go and learn the amount of BS this guy has, everything he "says" or dos goes against a common sense, I try to give him some advice and what does he do bash me, not that I'm concerned as I imagine him a pitiful guy who holds a grudge towards anyone that questions his acts.

Had to get this of my chest, other than that the site is running smoothly.


As time passes I see day 2 come to an end...

 It's day 2 of GiantBomb's beta and I've seem much improvement, site loads much faster, fewer 500 errors. The site is shaping up and I'm pleased with the things I've seen, the database is enormous pages and pages of video game goodness.

 Forums today saw way more activity than yesterday, I wish i could say everything was good but it wasn't thanks to some people like DaWhiteAsian and Casey Wergner who pretty much trolled them up in a desperate cry for attention, nevertheless both of them received what they were asking for a visit from the moderators. Apart from that, people in the forums now how to behave themselves in the absence of a higher power (moderators), so I can safely say the GiantBomb community is to become one if not the best in the internet.

 On the down side, none of my submissions went up, they didn'y got rejected, this worryies me because I have a few that are well over 24 hour mark. Not even my images have made the cut, I hope the crew sheds some light oon the issue in the upcomming bomcast.

Other than that great work and kudos to the guys upstairs.


It has come to my attention...

I know the site is on its early stages of life and we are only looking a beta right now. But I seem to have a problem with my feed as it states I haven´t done anything on the site yet, don't get me wrong I don't want any spotlight, but I know I have posted a few times and what not. And it's pretty much an useful tool if you want to keep a record. Just wanted to know if anybody else is having the minor issue, other than that Giant Bomb is shaping up to be a very good site; like all the different features.