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My Favourite Videogames

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  • What can I say. I love this game. The pinnacle of point and click adventure games. Fabulous game play and story telling.

  • This game is always tops best game polls for a reason. It's truly a masterpiece.

  • Guns of the Patriots may be the masterpiece of the series but Snake Eater is my favourite by far. Easiest to follow, great action and great bosses. Oh and in my opinion The Fury is the better boss fight. It may be straight forward but The Fury wins with imagery, tone and pace.

  • One Summer, when I was off from school, I spent a magical two weeks playing this game. I would get up around 10am. Play it until lunch at 1pm. Go back at 2pm and play it until my mother came home at 5pm. This repeated everyday for those two weeks.

  • Most people say that Vice City is the best GTA but for me San Andreas is the best. The size of the map coupled with the fact that it never really feels empty makes it a true gaming achievement.

  • A first person puzzle game? are you mad?

    That was until the genius' at Valve actually did it.

  • It's the granddad of First Person Shooters. It may be old but still deserves your respect.

  • COD 4 reminds me of my ex girlfriend. I can picture her sleeping in my bed hugging at the covers. Her back exposed, wearing only tight pink panties.

    I remembering putting down the controller and glancing over to her.

    Then I got up and kissed her and went back to playing the SAS stealth mission.

    You can obviously see why, I keep that memory.

  • It's a downloadable xbla game. Why is it so special? It's made by Double Fine and it's a mech game with a huge amount of customisation. Something I've longed for since Front Mission 3. The game play keeps me coming back time and after time.

  • Half of this game is one of the finest games ever made. The other half is just a Halo game. I love the first half. The half that invokes a ghostly cyberpunk world where a city guides you to where you need to go. You're alone, trying to put together the mystery of what happened to you're team mates. Wish they had the confidence to finish the game they had in mind.