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R.I.P. Ryan Davis

I felt the need to get some stuff off my chest, so here it goes.

I first saw Ryan during a live On The Spot when he was working at GameSpot back in 2006. He came off as having an incredibly positive personality and a genuine love for what he did. This was also when I started listening to The Hot Spot, GameSpot’s weekly podcast at the time, and began to follow Jeff Gerstmann, Rich Gallup, Alex Navarro, Brad Shoemaker and Ryan by watching their shows every week. I felt that they had great knowledge of games that blended well with their personalities enough to become my go-to guys for gaming information.

When Jeff was let go and Ryan, Vinny Caravela and Brad left to eventually form Giantbomb, it was a bit of a gap before they started doing podcasts and live streaming shows, but I knew the wait would be worth it. The Giantbombcast was what The Hot Spot used to be and would easily become my favorite podcast because of the people. Without this crew of bombers, would probably not have taken off as quickly or get to become one of the biggest, smallest video game website about video games. It was awesome!

Giantbomb could not have come at a better time for me. I was 21 years old or around that age, in college and surrounded by people who were stressed out all the time. For me, unwinding by playing and talking about video games with my best friends was becoming less of the norm and more of a sense that I’m not growing up by others. I have a history of not being able to handle some situations well and putting unnecessary pressure on myself than there needs to be. I could count on things like the Bombcast and Thursday Night Throwdown to get my fix and feel that I’m among others who love the same things I do.

To me, Giantbomb is more than just a website, it’s a place I can go to and participate in a community (even though I’ve been pretty inactive lately). I also love their videos such as QuickLooks, How To Build a Bomb, Encyclopedia Bombastica, Endurace Runs, Travelogs and TANG. What made the site great was the people and Ryan were a huge part of what made Giantbomb a place that I loved to be apart of. I was there when it first launched and will continue to be as long as they want to continue.

I feel like I could write more, but it’s really hard to. I’ll finish with this;

Ryan Davis, you had more influence on my life than I even knew until today. After I heard the news, I felt off, like I had lost a friend and I’m still holding back tears as I’m writing this. Looking back on what I’ve seen of your life in the video game industry, I can’t help but notice that your positivity and happiness shined through everything you did and that’s what made you special. I hope that I can one day have an ounce of joy that you’ve been able to find in so many things over the years and bring that to those that I love in my life.

If there’s an afterlife, I hope I can be there to watch and listen to you again.


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So PS4 finally got announced! How I felt about most of the presentation.

I'll try to go in order that the presentation went. Just going to make bullets and some quick thoughts on these unveilings.

  • The specs seem like they are going to be really good for multitasking capabilities. x86 cpu, 8gb gddr5 ram and high end gpu seem like a logical step forward after the cell wasn't too great. I wonder how this thing looks and if it'll collect dust or be loud while cooling?
  • Dualshock 4 looks good. Nothing too special. Share button seems appropriate. No touchscreen demo though.
  • Knack looked like a fun game for kids. New IP's are always nice to see.
  • Video recording and sharing makes sense. Don't know how much you can record, but those who do Let's Play's on YouTube already have their own equipment. If they don't have component cables on this thing, then they have a more closed way to stream that hinders those who do not have an HDMI recorder of some sort.
  • The new system UI looks sleek. Kind of reminds me of the Dashboard on Xbox, but has everything you want on it with no ads.
  • Gaikai video streaming and downloading tech is really interesting. Having the ability to play games while downloading is such a huge step forward for consoles. Having the ability to let someone help you out in your game online made my eyes open wide with surprise. Spectating seems cool too.
  • Remote play with Vita. If you have a Vita I'm sure you like this.
  • Ustream partnership for live streaming is cool, but I think Microsoft could nab Twitch and have a leg up on this. If Twitch gets support on the PS4 later on, that would be cool. I actually have streaming equipment and if you are not a pro gamer or have been streaming for years, it's hard to get noticed. This is cool for your friends list I guess.
  • Every Playstation game past and maybe present available in the cloud to stream eventually seems logical.
  • Killzone was the right demo to show first. Get the fps out of the way. Looked really nice, but Killzone has no appeal to me after forcing myself to finish 2.
  • Driveclub probably has all the features you want in a car game.
  • Infamous Second Son looked great. Have zero interest in playing it at all. After the first one, the second felt like the same game. I'm interested to see if they take it in another direction.
  • I was surprised to see Jonathan Blow on a Sony stage. The Witness looks interesting. 25 hour long puzzle game seems a bit long, but I think he is capable of making it great.
  • Some tech shown off by the people who made Heavy Rain. Forgot the company name.
  • Media Molecule makes cool games that can't get me interested in them. After trying Little Big Planet and noticing that creation was a big part of it, I lost interest. Maybe that's why Minecraft and creation games don't appeal to me.
  • Capcom shows the Panta Rhei engine and Deep Down. Wow! That looked really nice. Probably the best eye candy of that presentation in my opinion.
  • Square Enix shows the Final Fantasy trailer from before along with some extended cut. Looked nice, but not a surprise.
  • Watch Dogs has to be the most exciting game I've seen in a while. I'm sure it'll have some boring main story you'll have to force yourself through, but the appealing thing to me is just exploring the city and manipulating the environment to your advantage. Looks like a really fun game.
  • Blizzard comes out and announces Diablo 3 for PS3 and 4. I already bought it on PC and have it tied to my account. If I can connect it to my console and play it on there for free, then that's cool. I'm not buying it again and I kind of regret buying it because many people don't play anymore.
  • Destiny looks great. I wonder if PS3 and 4 gamers can play together. That would be interesting. I can't wait to see more of it.

I would have liked to have seen more of the social features in terms of voice chat to see if they have a party chat like system. Other than that I was pretty impressed. I'm still on the fence about new consoles in general because my friends are building PCs now and you can do a lot more on a PC. I'm looking forward to more information on the PS4 soon.

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Finally beat Diablo 3 on Inferno.

I think they made this game easier somehow or the people I wound up playing with were stocked up with farmed gear. I barely have anything of value on my Wizard and was finally able to do it. It's pretty sad that not many people are playing this game anymore because, to me, it's still a great game that could use some more substance to it. Hopefully when 1.0.7 comes out soon more people will get interested in it again, but I'll just have to wait and see.


Why it's a good idea to always read the whole contract.

Today I watched a video about a youtuber named braindeadlyeu who is under contract with machinima. His video that he made today is starting to go viral and basically shows that under the machinima contract, you are signed with them for life. That's crazy right? The kid didn't read his whole contract and is now basically not willing to make anymore videos for his channel because of this.

Here's the original video.

It's sad to see a kid lose his passion for making videos online, but it's his own fault. You always have to read everything that you are going to sign and even have someone else look it over to make sure everything looks good. Now the kid is screwed. I made a response to his video that pretty much sums up how the situation has opened everyone's eyes and could prevent other's from falling into the same fate.

In response to braindeadlyeu's video, machinima has been losing subscribers that have been reported to being around 1,000 an hour.


New YouTube Channel

Hey guys. Haven't made a blog in a very long time, but I wanted to come on and let you all know that I've started a YouTube channel, hairymikee . So far I have a couple of videos on it and adding more very soon. I'm curious to see what you guys would like to see and if there are any improvements I could make would be welcome as well.

Hope all is well and look forward to hearing for you all!


Looking for some Steam friends

Hey guys. I'm starting to play more PC games in the wake of Steam offering some really great deals. I was looking to see if anyone has a Steam account and are willing to play some games with me. I have counter-stike source, team fortress 2, portal 1 and 2, red faction guerrilla, magic the gathering and cod 4. I'm planning on getting more games later on but for now that's what I have.  
My steam name is HairyMike. I'm sure that's what you need to search for to find me. Leave me you're steam name if you can't find me and I'll take care of it. 


Homefront First Impressions - Better Than I Thought (Vlog)

 I believe that this game is a good attempt at a shooter that tries to have some kind of alternate history. When I first started playing the campaign, the visuals were awful, the sound was pretty bad, but the story was at least decent enough that it made me want to play through it. Thankfully it was short and got a chance to play the multiplayer, which I'm still getting used to, but having a lot of fun playing it. I think the game is okay, not the best out there, but worth checking out once it's discounted. 
Give it a shot.


Call of Duty 4 Needs SteamPlay Support

I am currently running Windows 7 on a recent MacBook Pro through Bootcamp. I purchased Cod4 last night and was able to play online without a problem. When I started playing single player, I received a blue screen during the second mission cutscene. Now when I boot up Windows 7, I immediately receive a blue screen.

I would very much be in favor of Steam incorporating Mac support for this game as there is a Mac version already available. It makes sense for Steam to offer CoD4 for both platforms. I very much like both Windows 7 and Mac OSX, but seem to have bad luck with my Windows on Bootcamp. It might just be me that has this problem, but there must be others out there who wouldn't mind having this classic available for both operating systems, right?    


X-Men Arcade PS3 Quick Impression

Bought this game after a few days to think about if I really wanted to play it. Turns out I did and was a good purchase because now I don't have to worry about not finding this in my local movie theaters. The game is short and rather simple with mashing a button the whole time, but there is a certain charm here that most games getting an HD remake fail to attain. Now I don't have to make sure I bring a pocket full of quarters with me to the movies for my friends and I to get our X-men fix. 
Worth the $10 for those who grew up playing it but maybe not for the newer generation of gamers.